TCL 8-Series 8k TV CES 2019 Preview

The TCL 8-Series 8k TV at CES 2019 was the flagship for the companies' push into the next generation of picture quality and resolution. This addition to their product line will deliver 33 million pixels compared to 8.3 million found in modern 4k displays. More pixels mean more clarity and detail, especially in the largest TV screen sizes.

This is where the line excels providing the resolution for sizes larger than 75" within the United States market. This particular model is set to release in that country by the end of 2019. For those that are probably wondering, yes 4k content will upscale beautifully to the new screens. Same with lower resolution content, just like the scaling effort that 4k provided.
TCL 8-Series 8k TV ces 2019
A prime picture enhancing addition will be the Mini LED, utilizing Quantum Dot technology it will enable deeper blacks with more color volume resulting in ultra vibrant colors and excellent off-angle viewing. The Quantum Contrast technology that's powered by mini LED will deliver up to 300% more contrast control zones. This looked fantastic in effect while at the show floor during CES this year. Artificial Intelligence through Voice Assistant Services will also be present in the TV. On top of that, you can expect HDR; Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

The picture quality was rather impressive at the show and it was interesting that they were displaying a more true version of what you can expect, experience wise at home. This was by displaying 4k footage being upscaled on the 8k TV since the content will be minimal for awhile in regards to native 8k resolution. I thought it looked fantastic, while being slim and delivering on the picture we're expecting as the standards continue to get pushed towards this new era. It is also worth nothing that they've become a founding member of the recently announced 8K Association which will help set standards and push for content of this quality. You can read more from CES at the hub link below.

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