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TCL SOCL300 Review

January 14, 2019
By Jason Stettner

The TCL SOCL300 is a stylish series of headphones that comes in four colors; Ocean Blue, Phantom Black, Sunrise Purple and Sunrise Orange. The colors are all twisted in style featuring a fade towards another shade. It works well, and adds a unique look to the set. This is the high end version, yet it still comes in at a really cheap price.

It's a rather impressive offering considering that and TCL still delivers on the quality. You get 9mm speaker drivers with this line of headphones as well as call and music control options. You can't however adjust volume, still you can swap the songs or call/hang-up on calls. The mic is alright too, it'll work with fairly clear audio though a bit quiet. Again, it comes in at a good price and I'm mostly covering the basics with what it offers.
TCL SOCL300 Review Screenshot
Another neat extra is that it comes with three differently sized earcaps to make sure you get that perfect fit. It's designed for comfort in that regard and it holds in well. I also noticed that it blocks outside sounds well and lets you focus on the music or other audio content you may be listening to. You get a good sense of 3D space with these as I tested it with ting heavy music from CHVRCHES, Naked and Famous and Bassnectar as examples.

I also tested it with ASMR and the Dolby Atmos showcase clip, it performed well in both situations. This is assisted by the Acoustic Pro Panel sound signature. Overall, I was impressed with the sound quality and it handled the music I enjoy to a very satisfactory level. Going back to the design there's a translucent housing and gradient cable that make up the cord. It's thin, yet has a doubled thick quality to it with a promised 150 hours of tugging or general stress without breaking. You get a holder to keep the top cords together, or parted.

The Conclusion

The TCL SOCL300 is an incredibly affordable set of headphones that provide quality and pop with color. They come in a good selection of color options with a variety of sizes for whatever type of ear you might have. They sound great, bring a high quality immersive 3D audio and deliver for music or video content. They're certainly durable despite being thin and minimal in scale.

They should be able to take a lot of use and even if they don't last forever, price wise they're replaceable. I would have liked a sound scaling option, but turn off and on audio is also fine. The mic is appreciated though a bit quiet, that being said it is clear enough to work well. They're generally a comfortable, secure in the ear headphone option that do everything you need them to while being stylish.

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TCL SOCL300 Review product provided by TCL tested with Video and Music.

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner