Teslasuit CES 2019 Preview

The Teslasuit was one of the various things I checked out while I was at CES 2019. With free time, I thought I'd look around. I didn't get into a demo as they were supposed to message back about it, so whatever, I did get some solid time with the material and hearing about the various features. What intrigued me most about this haptic suit was the style is similar to what was present in Ready Player One.

For context, that's a film that released in 2018 featuring the future of humanity where everyone basically lives within a virtual world so that they can escape the awful one they reside within. This really does seem like a stepping stone towards that. It already works with the various virtual reality devices at play, but integration is of course necessary. They seem to be aiming for more of a B2B setup at the current point, I assume this is due to the low virtual reality units out in the wild, it certainly limits sale potential on the commercial side of things.
Teslasuit ces 2019
It is also worth noting that there's support for Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and Motion Builder. What they have here is a solid and light fabric unit that packs a fairly long battery life of about ten hours, from what I was told. Aside from giving you the full experience of it being reactive to what you are witnessing in the game with its hits, there's another bonus. The suit also delivers a heat element so that it can warm your body in areas affected by possibly weapon damage or just climate changes.

To oppose that is a chilling feature as well, to get the cold. The untethered suit works with Wifi or Bluetooth and you can get it in multiple sizes. I thought it looked good, felt great and with it being relatively light appearing it can work well for what it needs to do. You can read more about what I saw at CES 2019 from the hub below or check out the review of Ready Player One to understand the type of world that might be available someday.

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