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Turtle Beach Recon Spark Review

July 30, 2019 at 3:25pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a special take on the Recon 70 line that aims to hit a new niche for the company, while providing something unique. It’s a sort of limited edition line, featuring a lavender focused color scheme and some nicer enhancements on the really great value 70 series. While this is based on that line of headsets it is a nicer design.

A little bit fancier when it comes to look, texture work and what’s included in the box. Again, this provides a very affordable option with the value of the higher end models, but in something that’s more accessible. This is a Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic enabled headset that provides great spatial audio from your games. It really does sound excellent when playing, although I wasn’t blown away by the quality for regular music. This is however primarily a gaming headset so I’m not too disappointed by that aspect. While most of the Turtle Beach headsets focus on a particular console platform, this one is marketed as working on all of the consoles or devices out there. It’s an all around headset for sure.

With this being wired it works on many devices with a 3.5mm aux cord that’s lengthy and tough. Generally this headset is tough, and I find it unlikely that it’ll have any breaking problems. I say that in regards to the younger individuals out there that might be a bit rough with the headset. With that, it is white for the most part so I could see it appearing as dirty depending on the situations it finds itself within.

This is definitely a great entry headset for someone that wants to get a feeling for something better than the standard headset that comes with a console. It is also a bit fancier than that, fits a certain niche well. The headset fits over both ears and plays gameplay audio into the headset to provide a sense of 3D space. You get mic monitoring (where you hear yourself) and a flip to mute.

I found the gameplay to be a bit loud in comparison to regular party chat, but honestly I could never not here people I was talking to. It can be loud, and bold so that you’re immersed in what you’re doing. It’s fairly good at noise cancelling and it has an alright level of comfort to it. It’s obviously not at the same level as the higher end models in terms of materials, but it was fine for an extended session of gaming. That being said, it does look a bit fancier on the outside. There’s a nice texture at the top and actually a well done color theme with the lavender.

It feels cheaper than the high end models, but is tough in design and unlikely to break, at least in my opinion from testing this along with the other similar model I’ve mentioned previously. It is generally a really light headset, and it extends well for those with larger heads. This is on either the sides, or where the ear cushions are located. There are 40mm speakers and it works for basically any platform out there. It also comes with a splitter cable if that’s needed, it’s long and works well.
Turtle Beach Recon Spark

The Conclusion

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset brings the performance of a high quality model at an incredibly affordable price point while looking stylish. It truly is a remarkable lower end model that brings some high end specs to it. An upgrade from the base it comes from, with a nice splitter inclusion. It’s impressive, looks appealing with the lavender color style and I think it’s great. It sounds excellent, comes across as tough and really is a good option for those looking to get a bit more professional with their own style.

It’s a great starter headset upgrade for those coming from what comes with the consoles, and it’ll be a good gateway to decide if you want to get even more serious down the road when it comes to playing games. It’s forward compatible, and works on a plethora of devices through the 3.5mm aux. It has the features of the high end Turtle Beach options, with the cheaper pricing that you wouldn’t expect. It’s lightweight, comfy enough to use over extended periods of time and it’ll deliver more than you would anticipate. The color scheme works well for the theme, and hopefully they extend this limited run further into other models.

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Turtle Beach Recon Spark Review product provided by Step-3 tested with Binaural audio, Music (CHVRCHES, Naked & Famous, La La Land), Minecraft, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Gears 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Friday the 13th, Xbox One X, Windows 10 PC

Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner