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Blackwood Crossing Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Blackwood Crossing that tells the story of a young lady as she deals with death and attempts to follow her crazy little brother.

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Blackwood Crossing complete walkthrough of this game that deals with death and the loss of love ones. As a young lady you'll follow your younger brother through a series of odd locations while on board a train to an unknown destination. Discover the real reason behind what's happening while engaging with others that are locked in this train of dread. The world is surreal constantly changing between real life and what could be insanity. It's somewhat twisted as people where masks to hide their long forgotten faces.

While there are many elements of melancholy and thought behind the game it does feature some soft moments such as the use of butterflies and happier times. It's a decent time though rather short being only just over an hour depending on how much you struggle with the slightly out of the way puzzles. This complete guide is just a straight through playthrough of the entire game with small edits to quicken the pace while keeping all the important narrative elements intact with voice over from Skycaptin5.