BurgerTime Party Review

"Sizzling Good Time"


November 28, 2019 at 6:57pm
By Jason Stettner

Strangely, BurgerTime has become one of those often neglected classic franchises. I’ve played various versions over the years, and this is mostly due to the fact that it was my mother’s favorite game. Other than that, it’s not really as well known as it probably should be. It’s a weird sort of game, but straight to the point and quite fun.

What you’re attempting to do is run over ingredients in order to prepare burgers. It’s simple, but complex and updated for the modern era with this release. You get a much more slick looking, and expanded take on the series. Our little chef is given a bit of a brief narrative and then you jump into a pile of levels. I was a bit disappointed that you need to unlock the multiplayer elements, that was just silly. It doesn’t take long, but still, we sometimes just want to play. Doesn’t take much to understand what you do in this without that tutorial.

That aside, there’s a lot to do here. There are many single player levels to work through, cooperative ones and even competitive modes as well. Battle it out with up to four players, or do so cooperatively as well. You can even use the same Joy-Con pairing for two players, that was nice to have. There’s a good selection of content here whether you want to go in on it alone, or with others locally.


This actually handles quite well, you run around just stepping on ingredients to knock them down. There are of course multiple levels, and some hazards that come into play. They mix things up quite well, so the levels do all feel different. There are also enemies after you, various food types. They’re quite fun to see, all angry and such stomping around.

You counteract them with spices, or by knocking the ingredients down on top of them. The general aesthetic features a more modern cool vibe, and that works well for it. Its slick, has varied environments and definitely feels like a game of today. I didn’t really have any issues with how it looked or handled, well done in that regard. Some neat mix-ups for the surfaces too, and what you use to access areas.
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The Conclusion

BurgerTime Party is a solid modern rendition of this classic game, and my mother who is a long time fan approves of it. That’s quite a stamp, and while it normally wouldn’t matter, it does for BurgerTime. I had fun playing this, there’s a good selection of modes and it’s very much appropriate for any type of audience to hop in.

The goal is simplistic, but dynamic in how they’re able to always be switching things up. It’ll present a good challenge as you progress, and there’s a star system for levels if you care to work towards that. I appreciated the balance of both cooperative, and competitive options for multiplayer as this game serves either quite well. It definitely lives up to the legacy of the series, while being a new take on it.

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BurgerTime Party Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner