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Calgary Expo 2019 David Hayter Panel

April 27, 2019 at 3:45am
By Dylan Mackey

At the Calgary Expo 2019 there was a David Hayter panel off the beaten path where he went over various details of his career. He started by noting that his whole family is Canadian, and that it’s his first time in Calgary. There were mentions of his time as a screen writer for X-Men, X-Men 2 and Watchmen. These were the past theatrical releases for context. In case future releases happen, just helps iron out the fine details.

When he started breaking into the general industry he faked his accent as not to be questioned about being Canadian. When it comes to his classic character, it took about an hour to record voice for Smash. He noted it was a fun change in comparison to how Snake usually is in the Metal Gear franchise.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is his favorite game in the franchise as it felt like the most like a movie. Not sure of the Metal Gear series, or Snake’s future at this point in time. David Hayter Calgary Expo 2019
He aims to only write hero’s journeys. Usually in a three act structure. If he had it his way he’d cast Hugh Jackman as Snake if a movie does eventually end up happening sometime in the future. His most unpleasant experience was during VA. He once barfed in real life while recording a barf part in Metal Gear Solid 3, and cleaned it up himself. The recording of King Shark in The Flash made his threat raw, the yelling aspect of it. Also yes, he’s dummy thick. Another neat fact, is that he’s never actually snuck around in a box.

Metal Gear was the first game where a character goes from game to cutscenes and that’s why he had no face then. He actually met his wife at the first movie he ever did and during the panel he was very humble. It was great to see that David Hayter took the time to shake hands and answer the rest of the questions despite the panel concluding. That about sums everything up, we have additional panel and other coverage from the show in our hub.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey