Calgary Expo 2019 Lindsay Thomas Interview

May 2, 2019 at 4:10am
By Jason Stettner

Interview with the Spokesperson at Calgary Expo

To start, we usually ask that you elaborate a bit about yourself, and what you do.

Lindsay: My name is Lindsay and I do the spokesperson duties for the Calgary Expo, any time lovely people like yourself need to do a little press or need a little info, that’s when I get brought in.

For this year, what was different about getting it setup and ready?

Lindsay: Different things this year, people probably noticed the admission process was a bit different. Using the RFID tags for scanning people in, scanning people out. The changes we make behind the scenes are all geared to make things go smoother for the fans. Changes that people may not readily see. Hopefully they feel it’s an overall smooth experience, and not necessarily know why. That’s the goal.
Calgary Expo 2019 Lindsay Thomas Interview
What are some of the highlights people will remember going forward?

Lindsay: The Back to the Future event the other night was great, great stories, great laughs and comments. I’m a big fan of the story telling, something that I’m quite passionate about. Evenings like that are really good. The cosplay contest was on Saturday, that’s always something people really enjoy.

One of my favorite moments is always the parade, which is the Friday morning. Because it brings in the rest of Calgary also. People who attend the show, want to show off their cosplays. People in the office buildings check it out, way of bringing the Calgary Expo to them. Which I think is fun and hopefully they think about checking out the show.

Looking at the event and how it has grown, do you feel it has a large impact on the overall community when it does run?

Lindsay: It does, events like this when it comes to pop culture and fandom, it’s all about community. All about connections. It’s great to see people uniting here, you see that. People, their friends may not see each other all year and then run into each other here.

What’s the process like with getting bookings?

Lindsay: It’s really boring. It is really, really boring. Dry paperwork and contracts. I mean, it’s based on mostly their availability. If that person would enjoy doing an event like this. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and whether or not they would even be available. It came as a shock to me, but Dwayne Johnson is super busy. Ya, he doesn’t have a ton of time for comic cons. I was like, Dwayne get your priorities straight man (joking manner).
Calgary Interview Cosplay
Looking forward, can we expect a similar setup in the future and expect it to return?

Lindsay: Ya, we’ll definitely be back and it’s not going anywhere. In terms of the setup we try not to make changes that are so huge that people show up, and are wondering what’s going. I don’t know what to do, and there’s a panic, then everyone is panicking. Like I was saying we want to make those small changes every year, make it smoother.

Learn from your mistakes every year to make it better. Then when the next year rolls around, whatever mistakes are made, you learn from those. Constantly evolving to be a better show.

I’d like to leave a final spot for you to go over anything I might have missed

Lindsay: If people want more information they can go to for updates and what not, come down and enjoy the show, it’s a good one.

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