Calgary Expo 2019 Zachary Levi Panel

April 27, 2019 at 11:07pm
By Dylan Mackey

At the Calgary Expo 2019 there was a Zachary Levi panel front and center at the Stampede Corral where he went over his career. To start things off he went over some neat facts about himself. He happens to own and run a Guinea Pig farm, despite being allergic to him. He’s a classically trained singer and the only American to read for Flynn Ryder.

This was achieved with a British accent, though Disney later changed their mind to an America accent after the first American prince. There are key things to do to get into Disney as well he notes, basically don’t suck. Do the job and he still has work after Shazam! Including Kingdom Hearts 3 and a Tangled TV Show. Zachary Levi Calgary Expo 2019
Following that he went into details about Nerd HQ coming back. It’s for everyone, but his alone. It’s raised awareness of Project Smile and a fully non-profit event. He really just needs to decide what to do and when to guide it. Just anything that will make lives better. Strangely he also tries to investigate and make products better. Building on the odd, he needs dance parties and for more relatable notes he’s an emotional guy that does cry sometimes.

His most memorable fan experience/cosplay time was the ones he’s created at Nerd HQ. Because of empathy from design, places to sit down and charge phones or perhaps eat snacks. Loves the fans, because they are the patron of the very arts he’s a part of. At this point he thanked all of the fans for coming to the panel and seeing him. His future musical projects include that he has a desire to record music. A ten track EP about big love songs. He just generally loves music, including classical musicals such as Singin’ in the Rain. He just loves bringing joy to everyone. Looking back, he was so grateful to having been a part of Chuck.

Especially since it helped so many fans get through their life. In the middle of it, it was very stressful. Took a toll on his body as it was almost cancelled every year and it just did not have enough of a budget. He was barely able to see his family during that time. It was however a “really gnarly experience” and still stays close to his cast mates. He would really like to me a Chuck movie, will make a Chuck movie! Very determined to make it a trilogy if possible. That about sums everything up, we have additional panel and other coverage from the show in our hub.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey