Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Maps

July 21, 2019 at 5:10pm
By Jason Stettner

The Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer experience will feature a large roster of maps to play on. These levels will rotate across playlists and game types. Any additional DLC maps will be added to the list over time. These will likely be free additions to the core game as this is a free to play experience for IOS or Android devices.

The roster of maps can be found below, the particular series within the franchise they’re from will be noted beside them on the listing. There’s a focus on bringing the classic boots on the ground style for this one, with many nostalgic maps that will be a blast from the past for many players.
Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer
The Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Maps List
Crash (Modern Warfare)
-A down chopper is found in the middle of this map, there are tight lanes and levels of verticality such as the buildings that can be entered for a vantage point.

Crossfire (Modern Warfare)
-This level features a vast, open street in the middle of it. To the sides are tight corridors within destroyed buildings to enter, many vantage points in higher levels.

Nuketown (Black Ops)
-A smaller level that features an open area divided by vehicles. Either end features a regular two story house, with the sense of this being a Nuke testing city.

Killhouse (Modern Warfare)
-A small warehouse setup featuring many cut up lanes for fast paced action and frantic combative situation of the close quarters kind.

Hijacked (Black Ops)
-Fight on a very tight luxury boat, the middle is open with some small side lane options for movement. The tops of either end area tight, yet offer a point over the middle section.

Stand-off (Black Ops)
-Streets divide the smaller lanes that can be accessed with a central building being a core point of reference for combat.

Tunisia (Black Ops)
-Tight villas line this really small area that’s split between multiple lanes of action.

Firing Range (Black Ops)
-This is a well known map featuring many buildings and long lanes to shoot down. It’s crowded in the back towards the range, and open in the other testing ground areas.

Raid (Black Ops)
-This luxury building is fancy featuring a pool area of open combat, a middle closed off fancy section and other open street area where you’d enter this stunning location.

That’s the list of Multiplayer Maps in the game, check out our hub for additional coverage of the franchise and this particular free to play mobile entry.

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