Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

July 30, 2019 at 5:28pm
By Jason Stettner

The Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer experience can certainly be a trial, here are tips and tricks to dominate the competitive play. These are a wide range of things to consider while playing, from more basic things to complex elements of play. This is focused on the multiplayer element of play, not the zombies or battle royale part of the game.

For context, the title is a free to play shooter that takes parts from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops franchises, mashing them together. It is available on either IOS or Android stores to download. There are planned updates and enhancements to the overall package. Enjoy the guide details below, hopefully they’re helpful.
Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer
The Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Tips & Tricks List
#1. Customize your loadout. The game will not do this for you, as you play you’ll unlock new weapons, perks and other items. Go to the loadout area in the menu and pick better items.

#2. Equip attachments to your guns. As you play, you’ll unlock extra attachments to make your guns more powerful. Head over to the loadout area and place everything you can on them. I suggest FMJ, extended mag and whatever else improves your aim.

#3. Perks, yet another thing in the loadout. These don’t apply themselves and will give you a massive edge in the game, you unlock more over time as well. Scavenger is super helpful, and an early perk you get access to.

#4. Killstreaks are important, pick ones that you feel are helpful and obtainable. Aim for a Predator Missile, maybe the seeker and a high tier tool such as a chopper. I find the hands-off options to be the most useful so you can keep shooting. Killstreaks also restart if you obtain them all as well.

#5. You can knife in this game, aside from just using it actively. When you’re close to enemies with your gun out, a knife icon will appear. This is usually more efficient, but at the same time a quick shot may work too.

#6. You can crouch and go prone, tap the crouch button to go down on a knee for a better tactical angle or hold it done to lie on your belly.

#7. Verticality does help. You can head to the second level of buildings and shoot down on enemies, with this being mobile the players are less likely to move around in a smart way and this is a huge advantage.

#8. Keep shooting, seriously your magazine will likely help you take out at least two enemies in one firing strafe.

#9. Always keeping moving, strafing side to side will allow bullets to go by and keep your life going. This isn’t hard, and just makes you a slightly more difficult target to reach.

#10. These are old maps, from past games. You’re able to easily look up layouts online and then use those older guides to create helpful ideas as to where to head and what to do when playing.

#11. You can shoot through surfaces in the game, don’t be afraid to blast through a wall in order to hit someone that’s hiding on the other side.

#12. Snipers are powerful, use them at a distance and kill enemies very quickly. The game is also quite generous in terms of well bullets sort of lock on to enemy targets out there.

#13. Use your mini-map, the little map on the top of your screen tells you where enemies and friendly teammates are at. You can also click it to get a full map of the level as well.

#14. Each gun fires a little differently, practice before hand to get an idea of how to handle them. Some have a more intense recoil, but since the game is lighter in terms of the effect you shouldn't have a hard time keeping it level.

That’s the list of Multiplayer Tips and Tricks in the game, check out our hub for additional coverage of the franchise and this particular free to play mobile entry.

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