Dead or Alive 6 Review

"Another Round"


March 14, 2019 at 4:07am

This is the first new Dead or Alive title to grace the current generation and it delivers on content. It features an expansive selection of modes to play, and a deep roster of characters to use as you battle. There's a sprawling campaign present that you're able to work through. It features multiple narrative routes and allows you to pick and choose which tales you visit.

There are many characters, and cinematics that give you an idea of the direction they're headed. These segments are minimal, and then you go right into a fight. It keeps the pacing, and does tell a story over time as you see the various pieces come together. Moving past the story there's a DOA Challenge mode where you gain stars for completing tasks. It feels like an advancement on the standard tutorial mode which is also expansive.

Other than that there's Survival; Arcade and Time Attack. These offer variations on battling against various fighters. There's of course the standard game mode where you just fight in exhibition matches. If you'd like to compete online there's a ranked quick fight option. This worked well, but I felt they could have done more with the multiplayer.


The franchise continues to refine its core mechanics and for the most part it feels great. You're able to smash opponents through multi-stage environments and use various elements of the stages to cause extra damage. There's a certain level of dynamic input that makes the combat rather interesting. There's a solid selection of arenas to fight within, and they're varied.

When it comes to visuals, the Xbox One X offers two choices. One that pushes a 4k resolution, and another that aims for better performance. The visuals are solid for the most part, they're quite vibrant and colorful. You get a wide range of fighters to match that aspect of vibrancy. They're a unique bunch, and there are a pile of them with distinct personalities. This is a fighter, so you'll be creating combos and battling another opponent.
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The Conclusion

Dead or Alive 6 is a great entry in the franchise that refines many elements while expanding the general roster. There's an excellent selection of fighters here and they all have distinct personalities. The maps are also varied, and there are a number of them. The game features a solid selection of modes, and ways to play.

The costume element is interesting, but it could be easier to gain access to them. There also seems to be an awful lot of extra DLC content already waiting. These elements are cosmetic, so it's really not a big deal in regards to the core game. You get to play across a number of modes, compete against others locally or online. The narrative offers a lot of content, and the visual options are appreciated. I had a good time with the game, certainly was a fun fighter.

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Dead or Alive 6 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner