Dollar Dash Review

" A Money Grabbing Frenzy"


There are three game modes available for your intense money collection experience. The community favored mode is definitely Dollar Dash which I find to be the most traditional of the selection. Now connecting all of these modes is the concept to collect enough money to beat out your opponents to win. From the Dollar Dash where you just collect from around the map and then bring to a truck against Hit'n Run where you are attacking opponents for cash.

Finally there is Save the Safe which has the objective of collecting the safe and bringing it in for, well money! Movement is very randomly rampant as four players face off online in a selection of differing colors as you battle each other through powerups and strategy to win. It is fantastic to see the game having a balance where one player is close to a big cash grab and is just shot off the building or knocked back by an explosion. It is very frantic and requires you to constantly change your game style in each map that has it's own little special trick to it from ledges to flowing clouds that clog the vision.

Aside from those small environmental hazards you may come across cops that give you a swift kick to the other side of the map. If you are so lucky as to win a match you will be grazed with the top place of course and a slightly larger sum of money for which you are free to spend on the marketplace. There you are able to purchase a number of items from goofy hats or clothing to some nice powerup addons to improve your in game play.


Intense and quick paced combat from which a group of four face-off in an insane frenzy. So basically the objective is to obtain mad stacks of cash while beating out opponents in this colorful world filled with powerups and traps.

It really is rather interesting with your interface being rather basic and having three powerups at a time mapped to their respective controller buttons allowing you to plan well ahead. I will comment that a few matches when I had rockets off the bat it glitched and locked them into place, but this was only a couple matches. Still slightly annoying nonetheless.
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The Conclusion

A quick and fun multiplayer game that can provide you with hours of frenzied gameplay. It really depends on how motivated you are to enjoy the game, even if the community dies down you will be able to play offline locally with bots if you ever so choose. So collect powerups, get bonuses and make some intense looking custom characters.

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Dollar Dash Review on Xbox 360
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner