Fable 4 Core Features Wishlist

Fable is one of my favorite series, it was a great initial RPG for me to get into back in the day and honestly Xbox hasn't been the same this generation without it. That all aside it looks like this once enchanting franchise may be returning to Xbox One in the future with it perhaps already being in development.

I thought it would be interesting to go over the essential core features wishlist that I'd like to see in this next entry. Looking back the apparent original Fable 4 was going to move towards a Victorian era progressing the timeline which makes sense. It would have been darker and grown with its audience, which again is perfectly fine.

That didn't happen as you can tell with the failed Fable Legends effort following that and the franchise has been missing for many years now. Going from there, I'd like the return to a simpler time in Albion. I'd almost like a rebooted take on the series bringing everyone back to a time of magic and basic weaponry.

Perhaps go before the period of guns and just give us arrow based weapons for distance or even use magic. It would help capture that peaceful side of the games by having the open natural country side style that was so charming. This is of course in comparison to the bustling later game cities. A real return to basics while attempting to truly capture the original vision for the first game. There were so many ambitious mentions that were cut from the titles released and this could become that ultimate emulation of the original ideas.
Fable Legends Screenshot
Whatever the case is, there are some core features that I'd love to see. I want coop, it has to at least have two players together. The linear style works well for it and they could even expand it a tad to support four players. It's always been a traditionally narrow world so that it can be accessible, though they can still provide that while opening things up.

Whatever does happen, there must be multiple players in one game, I don't expect splitscreen though online coop is a must. Building on that, I want more things to do with my friends. That's outside the main game, we need more mini games or even random tasks that pop up in the world. Make it dynamic and get the world full of extra content that keeps us playing.

That was one problem with the Fable games is that they wrapped up and there wouldn't be much to do. I loved them, yet I still wanted to have something to revisit. I think they somewhat got this with the first two games, yet the potential to expand it further would be best.

I also wouldn't mind seeing the Fable Legends type of game integrated in since the work was done, have it as a side multiplayer mode. The next big thing is the glowing Fable trail, must have addition. Match that with the classic humor, there was something charming about the jokes that felt comforting in this mystical world. This of course leads to chickens, have to get a pile of those everywhere and make them interactive.
Fable Legends Chicken Screenshot
We obviously all want an expansion on the moral system as well, there was something unique about seeing yourself change based on what you do and that could go so much further now. Have that work into a new social interaction menu for funny jokes and gestures. I wouldn't mind seeing a more in-depth family system put in, I'm thinking along the lines of what Fallout 4 has with the settlements. Maybe make a farm out in the country if you'd like and then add to it. You'd be able to create your own little rooms to show off trophies and such, a neat side activity for sure.

Fable 4 would mostly just need to be fun though, there's something special about those first two games that's not entirely captured in the third one. Lots of ambition hurt the potential for these games and I'm already sure the next one will carry that forward. I won't worry about the graphics as Fable Legends did look really good whenever I played it. Final notes would be for Fable 4 to be Xbox Play Anywhere allowing cross-play with Windows 10 PC and of course so many Xbox One X enhancements. Bring on the glorious 4k HDR Atmos open world that fans have been waiting for.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner