Far Cry: New Dawn Ethanol Guide, How to Easily Collect It

One of the most essential resources in Far Cry: New Dawn, Ethanol can be rather hard to find. It's limited in how you're able to collect it and that's a problem as it's required at many moments. Certain campaign points require base upgrades and you need the material to progress. You're not even able to finish the game as the enemies will be too tough if you don't have upgraded assets such as weapons.

The primary way to collect Ethanol is to capture Outposts. These are a well known part of the franchise and something you'll be familiar with if you've played past entries. Each Outpost in the game has three tiers of difficulty to them. They all start at a base setting which is super easy to work through. The capture of these posts reward 100 Ethanol. If you're able to finish this without raising any alarms you'll get a bonus of 50 Ethanol.
Far Cry: New Dawn Ethanol
You accomplish this by shooting the alarms or holding "X" on Xbox / platform equivalent button to disarm them. Keep in mind that the quantity of alarms increases as the Outpost level goes up. If you are undetected you'll get an extra 100 Ethanol for this. From there things increase, 50 extra for level two and then 100 extra for the third, final tier.

You can also get Ethanol by going around the roads and stealing trucks of it. You need to shoot out the driver without hitting the vehicle as it'll explode and then you drive it peacefully to owned territory. Those are the ways you collect the valuable resource in the game to level up the homestead in order to easily kill the twins once you get to that point. I hope this helped on your quest to gather the fuel of the apocalypse, check out the hub below for additional coverage of the franchise.

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