Freddy Spaghetti Review

"What a Life"


December 18, 2020 at 5:12pm
By Jason Stettner

This was actually quite a surprising title, it featured a rather in-depth story and a little bit of charm along the way as well. It follows this piece of spaghetti named Freddy. A living, totally conscious thing that likes to play around and get in trouble. This brings some laughs, and rather ridiculous situations across the fifty levels or so, I say that since some bonus ones are present too.

The levels all contribute to the story of this spaghetti with narration by the brilliant creator of this sentient strand. The levels are very quick to play, but can take awhile depending on how much of a challenge you have finishing them. For the most part I actually quite enjoyed working through this, but at times the physics were a bit annoying. This was mostly the case for jumping, one level in a futuristic backdrop where you’re hopping along platforms drove me absolutely crazy.

That was frustrating as it felt random and luck based as opposed to having skill behind it. That’s right, this is one of those wacky sort of controlling both ends of the thing physics type of game. That aside, the story actually was decently well done and long enough to work through. I played it all in a single sitting, and it felt appropriately long.


This comes down to using essentially two triggers or bumpers depending on what you want. Each control an end, and you can hold down to jump. You’ll be swiftly moving along to complete objectives. This includes things such as causing mayhem, or evading chasers. The levels really are quite varied from mazes, to fast bits of breaking things. There’s always something new, and they stretched the concept impressively well.

I wouldn’t have expected such varied options for play, definitely unique. Past that, this also looked rather sharp with it being Xbox Series X Optimized and actually requiring the faster hard drive for whatever reason. A 4k resolution at 60fps through Smart Delivery, so that was definitely surprising for sure. I will also note that the game has rather easy Xbox Achievements to earn, with that having no impact on the scoring. I just thought I’d mention it for the hunters out there.
Freddy Spaghetti Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Freddy Spaghetti will surprise you, with a charming story that provides some laughs and constantly evolving gameplay. It’s definitely different the whole through, providing a decent challenge at times and enough calmer points to get its story across well. It actually was quite funny, from concept to the surprisingly deep story that it provides.

I was not expecting that sort of narrative in this one, I think most will enjoy it. It might be a game that’s sadly overlooked by many, which is a shame since it’s rather delightful and fun. I had a good time with it, and while I’ll move on now it was memorable for being so bizarre.

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Freddy Spaghetti Review on Xbox Series X
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Rating Overall: 7.3

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner