Gigantosaurus The Game Review

"Egg Fetching"


April 3, 2020 at 8:35pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a truly simplistic game, it relies on a feedback loop of egg collection. Now, I understand that this targets the youngest of kids out there. That being said, there’s absolutely no complexity to this. There are no neat mechanics, or even the slightest bit of a challenge. That’s on the normal difficulty, there’s an even easier one and I don’t know how they could hold your hand more.

Again, I know I’m not the target audience and I’m trying my best to consider it from the point of view of those that might watch or interact with this show. I think licensed content is interesting, and perhaps needed in gaming for more variation. This is for Disney juniors, and even for them this should be a very boring time. You walk around following a Fable glowing trail to grab an egg, and then walk back. You do this four times, and then get to go on a race to the next area. You then repeat the process, and do this across a number of areas.

You can travel back to past areas and gather additional eggs, among other simplistic collectibles but there’s just nothing to this. You’re constantly guided, and the cinematic elements are so awkward. It’s really just a rather horrible time, terrible quite honestly. There are so many other options for all audience types and I’m worried some young one will have this as their favorite young title to revisit years down the road to be completely blown away by how awful it is.


You get a guided camera angle, which drives me absolutely crazy. It’s a third person platfomer, sometimes I need to the camera control. This causes some awkward jumps at times, not frustrating or difficult ones. Just misaligned jumps that cause you to sigh as you repeat a rather boring jumping segment again. Even if you fail to reach a point, there’s no penalty or really damage of any degre.

I sometimes wondered if this could even be considered a game. It’s a rather drowsy experience, and perhaps good to get younger ones to fall asleep with. I did notice some performance problems which I thought was odd considering how minimal this is in comparison to Xbox One X capabilities and I faced a black screen while trying to load into a race forcing me to restart. I could hear characters in the background, and it even sounded like I was moving around. A weird situation for sure.

The world itself is rather bland, despite various biomes that you visit. There’s a cool massive Gigantosaurus roaming usually, that was neat. I also liked how you could switch characters, but that is somewhat meaningless. Their abilities are for just a brief second, then you go on playing until you need to switch again. There’s also four player local coop, so I guess everyone could play together but that’s even a tad weird management wise.
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The Conclusion

Gigantosaurus The Game is awful, perhaps I’m being too hard on it but I also need to be honest that this is not a title I’d consider suggesting for even the younger ones out there. That’s of course the target audience, and I’m not even sure they’d enjoy. It’s hard to get into that perspective, and I’ve tried my best to take that into consideration while playing and covering it.

It’s just a boringly slow, monotonous experience that doesn’t really have much to it. Not only in terms of gameplay, but also the content as it was a breeze to go through. While I’m very likely quicker to play it than the target audience, I’m not sure they’d get much out of it either. You’re just walking around carrying eggs across environments with spewed out objects. There’s nothing more than a simplistic feedback loop. Typically you would take that core aspect, and try to grow it even a little.

There are some neat elements, the coop and that they have a cheerful attitude. To me, it’s nothing more than walking and then driving for a few seconds in what’s not even really a race. Again, hope I’m not too hard on this as there might be a sliver of appeal. I’m just saying there are better options and are more polished and put together better.

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Gigantosaurus The Game Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 3.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner