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Grimvalor is an intense Dark Souls like title that brings striking visual beauty and intense gripping combat. For a mobile title I was very impressed by the quality of the experience and the style of gameplay. You're given a linear, yet open world to explore that's filled with multiple rooms.

You're able to freely move around with a map to use as a reference. You're exploring areas to find out a way to unlock doors, discover secrets and then to reach that final boss area for the chapter. It's well designed, flows very smoothly with such fluid action and was fun to play. There's a good challenge presented too as patience is needed in battle and you'll have to strike at the right times.

There are some great enemies in here, really well designed and creepy. That's carried to the big boss monsters as they can pack a punch. I would have liked the setup for these creatures to be quicker as death has you walk a little bit to battle them again.

There are RPG mechanics as you level up spending basic skill points and then also crafting, or improving side abilities such as your health flasks. Another slight issue I had was with flasks, I would accidently activate them while I was moving or in combat, they're almost essential in some battles. That aside, the environments are beautiful and there's an interesting story here. You can play as male or female if you'd like and the character looks sleek regardless.
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Grimvalor is a beautiful game with challenging gameplay and freedom as you explore within this Dark Souls like world. The controls are excellent with fast paced movement and intense impactful combat. There are some basic RPG elements which added to the experience and many intense bosses to tackle.

It really does look amazing on the iPhone XS, very impressed with the visuals. The combat feels good, it looks great and this was just fun to play despite dying quite a few times. I liked the sense of exploration and choice, while still feeling like I was on the right path when I needed to be. Grimvalor is one of the best mobile titles I've played and definitely a stand out.

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Grimvalor Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 9/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner