Halo Infinite Likely to be a Xbox Launch Title

Some of the big rumors recently have been focusing on the release of the next Xbox consoles for 2019/2020 with myself personally believing the latter release date. Aside from that, there's a focus on Halo Infinite being a launch title for that brand new set of consoles. It'd say the Master Chief's next journey is very likely to release close to, or right alongside those new consoles.

It's a game that has been in development for some time as the last Halo was, shockingly released back in 2015 as "5: Guardians". That means it has been about four or five years since a main line entry, which is wild considering it's the flagship title of the Xbox platform. I put in both year options in case you're reading this later on timeline wise.
Halo Infinite Master Chief
Furthermore, as a fan it's ridiculous to wait this long for the narrative to continue. Speaking to that, this gap of time could also be good for the franchise. Maybe they're taking the criticisms of the story, and generally refining the Slipspace Engine to do amazing things. I do however tire of them revamping the engine Halo runs from constantly. I point to the Chief Collection's various issues being due to so many engines layered upon one another.

With this large gap of time for development and note to be on the next generation Xbox it makes complete sense that we'd see it right at launch. They could be doing one of those things where they release it a month or so after, but I believe they're going bold and setting the generation off with their strongest performer. That is of course, the Halo franchise. It'll launch their new vision for gaming on console, while taking a bold step onto PC.

Just purely looking at the gap in time for this entry, it should be ready by the time the new console is set to come out. We don't however have any real details behind the scenes, but it's being steadily worked on. We'll likely see a full out reveal of their vision at E3 2019, an event where Microsoft is taking their console against little to no competition with Playstation out of the picture.

Halo Infinite Marines
This preview reveal is the usual strategy for the group, it'll most likely be front and center at their conference. You'll also probably hear about the specs of the rumored two Xbox consoles set to release. They might even be bold and confirm a Halo Infinite release date then with one for the consoles. They could however wait as well, I say that in the sense that it might be at E3 2020 that you get confirmed information.

If you go off the Xbox One X release setup there was a specs build-up that followed a previous tease the year prior. We saw that tease for the next consoles at E3 2018 so it's following a similar route. It really comes down to when the next console is coming. It could be the traditional fall release, or perhaps they're looking at the success of the Nintendo Switch for a surprise spring release in 2020.

I personally believe we'll see this all release in Fall 2020, and I'd be shocked if it was earlier with it being unlikely to release after that. Anyways, these are some of the details as to why it's likely Halo Infinite will be there as a launch title for the next generation of Xbox gaming. Read about the game's confirmed four player splitscreen below or the check out the franchise hub for additional coverage.

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