Hell Architect Pax Online 2020 Preview

September 14, 2020 at 3:51am
By Jason Stettner

This is honestly such a messed up game, and yet at the same time a great one. This is a play on the building management type of simulator where you’re building a torture empire in Hell. You’re using various souls to mine in order to collect resources and then have them build the very devices you’ll torture them with.

It’s quite well done in terms of the mechanics and just what you can do with the folks you’re managing. It’s kind of hilarious, and just bizarre. I love that this is a game as the concept is too wild. Like with most games of this genre you’re scaling upwards with better structure options as you progress.

Some of these creations will require someone to be “running” it which often leaves souls dealing with torture methods in order to get that functional. There are even hilarious expressions from the poor folks being dealt with here, and the animated style adds just that extra level of humor to it.
Hell Architect Screenshot
In the demo presented during Pax Online you basically get a taste of just what this provides. It goes through a tutorial and then you’re just playing. I personally like a straight forward open sandbox approach to these games, but it makes sense for this type of presentation to have it be narrow set.

It’s not too hard to follow, and easy going once you’re setting things up. Just be prepared for some gory and messed up times with tons of poor folks having to deal with some awful situations. You can create some really neat setups with this one, and it’s a good taste of what I hope the full experience will provide.

There’s definitely a lot of potential in this one as it’s the sort of concept that’s most certainly attention grabbing. It has a good amount of polish to back the concept up and I think it does truly have a good chance of being something very attractive to gamers that like this niche or just want to engage in some good old torture. Do take this as being comical, as I do assume that’s what is being presented here.

Otherwise, it would be a sickly time to some degree. To summarize, it’s easy to get building and working your souls. There are many neat structures to create and a wide area to harvest for those Hell based resources. Get the whips cracking and good luck down there manager. Be sure to check out our Pax Online 2020 hub for additional coverage from the event in regards to the games, previews and interviews we’ll be showcasing.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner