Hordes of Enemies Review

The Game

Hordes of Enemies is a very basic stand and battle sort of title. This genre has become strangely popular as your character stands in a single spot as you swipe either way to attack enemies. There's not a lot of depth here and you're working towards a hardcore goal in order to gain access to new stages. You can alternatively just buy those stages and it's not a bad price point to do.

I thought the microtransactions were incredibly fair in this one, they don't alter your experience in any negative sort of way. There just generally isn't anything to this, I played it for a bit and then got rid of the game. It does have some lovely audio to it and really clean pixel visuals. It just isn't a very addictive title, it does nothing new with a genre I care little for. This certainly gives it a harder time as you're not really doing anything in style of game. There are some power moves, those were neat to unleash.
Hordes of Enemies Screenshot IOS
Hordes of Enemies is a basic stand and battle game, with some well developed visuals. It lacks depth and a sense of progression really isn't there. I enjoyed the audio, I also thought the combat looked sleek as you cut up foes. You can turn off the gore if it's too much for you. The microtransactions are fair, they offer some neat extra areas to battle within. I was just mostly hoping for there to be more to the game.

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Hordes of Enemies Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 6/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner