Hotshot Racing Review

"Polygon Thrills"


October 17, 2020 at 8:02pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a rather fun and zany sort of arcade racing game. It takes the polygon style of racer titles from the past and throws in some modern mechanics for a wonderful time. It embraces that classic style, and dials it up a notch.

This provides a number of ways to race whether you’re going through the traditional circuit methods, enjoying some quick play racing or also competing online against others. You’ve got areas such as the time trial or grand prix while also having more casual fun modes. That includes the whole “Drive or Explode” and “Cops and Robbers” modes.

A little bit of something for everyone, being a fairly expansive offering. The online multiplayer allows you to compete with up to eight players and you can do so in a casual capacity if you’d like to as well. If local action is more your thing it features four player splitscreen.


The entirety of the experience is delivered in a 60fps manner, being a fluid and fast paced time. You’ll be whipping around a wide range of very well designed maps with bumping music to carry the action. There are sixteen of these circuits, it’s impressive and features a diverse selection of environments to zip by while competing with others.

You’ll also be gaining certain boosts while going around the tracks and pulling off some sick drifts to build up the speed even further. They’ve got some cheeky drivers to choose from with a range of vehicle options. It’s also just surprisingly fun to play. It’s vibrant, dynamic and offers a good selection of modes. It’s just an enjoyable time that’s both accessible and competitive.
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The Conclusion

Hotshot Racing is a joy, it’s got a great amount of content to it and is generally a blast that came out of nowhere. It hits the mark perfectly on an old style racing game that blends in well with the competitive edge that driving games have reached in the modern age. It’s vibrant, engaging and full of diverse content to blaze through. It has great options for those that want to play together locally in splitscreen, and for those that want online multiplayer action.

A little bit of everything in this one with some fun twist modes too. It’ll definitely be a splendid surprise for those that jump in as this came out of nowhere when it released and left a long lasting impressive. It’s really quite hard to fully describe just how great this is until you’re behind the wheel, quite a delight.

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Hotshot Racing Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner