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"Tron Battles"


Laser League is all about speed and intense arena action. The game pits two sides of vibrant colors against one another in what I can only describe as being very Tron-like in aesthetics. This is a local and online multiplayer focused game where teams battle it out for glory in the arena. Everything is round based as you aim to eliminate opponents across a series of well designed arenas that each offer unique layouts. Being futuristic these large energy walls sprout from the ground and are in constant movement. They vary in color based on the team that collects them and are always being swapped out.

Between those walls are players frantically running around either trying to dodge the walls or hit the other team in a way that knocks them out. This can all be done online against other players in various team size modes or in local play. The multiplayer battles that are local can be played with bots if needed that do put in a good challenge. On top of the regular play there are many customization items to unlock that can tweak your look, alter your emoji for battle and change your laser too.


Going back to the Tron mention it's a game of vibrancy. The color scheme is bright with a neon style to it. This is always different too when various teams clash. The arenas mirror this being sleek, futuristic and still minimalistic as not to distract from the action. I didn't have a hard time keeping track of my character despite the color and it can get really intense in there. The mix of walls is fantastic and there are just a pile of setups present for the various levels. It should always provide distinct challenges and some of the setups are purely wacky.

On top of regular play there are some power-ups that alter what's going on too. They can divide walls, swap walls and do other things you'll have to discover while in combat. Going back to customization, there are loadouts for the game too. Here you can change your class style in terms of weapon, and then tweak it further with a chosen bonus for each class. Some characters can cause lethal dashes, others can warp through walls. It keeps things interesting and competitive with a good balance. If things happen to not be going your way, the losing team gets a chance to change up their classes.
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The Conclusion

Laser League presents action packed gameplay across a large selection of arenas whether you want to take on others online or locally. It's fast paced, incredibly tense and well balanced for a great time. I've had a lot of fun with this and the aesthetic is striking while you're playing, yet you never have troubles keeping track of your player.

It's very strategic as you rush to save teammates or run from fast paced walls. The local bots perform well offering a good challenge and you can adjust how many are in combat at once. There's a surprising amount of content here for what seems like a complex game. It's very easy to pick up and provides countless moments of random action. Those walls mixed with other players is an intense experience and well worth it.

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Laser League Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner