LEGO Marvel Collection Review

"Basically, Ultimate Marvel"


March 30, 2019 at 10:23pm

This is one incredible package, the quantity and quality of the titles are fantastic. This LEGO Marvel Collection brings LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and its sequel, along with The Avengers. On top of that, you get all of the DLC that has released for any of them. This brings a pile of level packs, character packs and whatever else was released for the games. The later two titles were given a number of extra levels, these tied into the movies at that point.

You get covered Marvel Cinematic Universe wise from The Avengers to Infinity War. There's just an absolute ton of content in here, and countless hours of gameplay. In the first Super Heroes title you get to take hold of just a wild selection of characters. Play as the X-Men, the Avengers, and so many other neat characters as you work together to save the day. The sequel takes things in a new direction dropping the X-Men, and adding tons of really niche characters which were a blast to see come into play. This was due to Disney not having the X-Men film rights at the time and stopping promotion of them.
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The final option is The Avengers, which takes you through the events of the first two movies and some of the side MCU films. It's somewhat out of order, the weakest of the package in my opinion. Moving past the main games, the DLC offers a lot. Whether that's new heroes to play as, or entirely new levels. The extra missions in the Super Heroes sequel brings events up to Infinity War including some of the TV shows like The Runaways.


These LEGO titles are well known for their style, but it's good to cover it. This is a coop focused environment for two local players. You can easily play any of them by yourself, but it is a lot of fun to puzzle solve with someone else. The levels are fairly long, featuring multiple heroes and locations. You solve puzzles, battle bad guys and attempt to gather collectibles. There are just a ton of collectibles to gather and things to do.

The titles were also some of the later LEGO games which means you'll come across large hub areas to play around in. There are extra characters to unlock, new ways to play and just a ton of things to do within this package. Words cannot describe just how many countless hours you can have in these games. Now, they do at times have some bugs here and there so expect that. They do handle extremely well, and provide the type of experience that anyone could enjoy.
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The Conclusion

This is one mighty package of LEGO games that come together for an awesome Marvel Collection. These are some of my favorite titles that released in LEGO form and there's too much value here with them being packaged together. There's a ton to play, with many hours of possible gameplay here. That game time is massively expanded upon if you're looking to gather collectibles, or engage in the many hours of side content that's present. You get all of the DLC that has been developed for these titles, and there's a wealth of additional expansions there.

Become all your favorite heroes as you aim to save the day, and work through mostly original Marvel stories. The Avengers is obviously based on the films as I've mentioned, but the other two are unique. These games feature a large scale, with voice acted cinematics and many exciting moments. They carry that unique humor that you expect, while being entirely appropriate for any age to enjoy and understand. There are decent puzzles, but nothing too challenging and just a ton of characters to play as. Venture through the largest collection of Marvel gameplay that's available out there.

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LEGO Marvel Collection Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 9.0

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