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February 16, 2019 at 8:34pm

Melbits World is an interesting title that bridges mobile controls with a traditional game setup. It's similar to The Jackbox Party Pack series if you've heard of that. You download an app for your chosen device and that's how you interact with the game. It's a simple concept, but one with quite a bit of depth as you guide characters through the levels. There's a good selection of them, with each offering a different challenge to work through.

The levels like to mix up what you're doing, while still making it something simple to alter since you're using limited touch controls to manage it. There's a good sense of scale though, the levels are varied in size and the quantity of steps necessary to progress. The levels also feature some unique challenges and bonuses if you're willing to figure out the ways to send your little minions there without having them die along the way towards the exit.


Melbits World presents a colorful, charming landscape that you're guiding some cheerful creatures through. It can get rather sad if you guide them towards death, but I'm sure you'll try your best not to. This is a title that can be easily enjoyed by all audiences, with simple controls and just some levels of complexity as you progress. You're mostly trying to bolting the critters to higher areas, opening gates or generally twisting things to help progression.

The controls felt mostly responsive, though there was a slight delay when doing so. This might have been cleaned up as I've noticed app updates since I played it. That being said, I didn't feel it really wrecked the experience to any degree. It certainly is a lovely time and the visuals lean into that. There's an interesting time setting that keeps you pushing and generally moving through it.
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The Conclusion

Melbits World is a fun, casual type of puzzle game that presents something anyone could play. It's not terribly difficult, but some of the later challenges can be harder to work through. This was great for local cooperative action and it uses the Playlink system in case you were wondering.

There's some solid customization present as you're aiming to gather items in the levels and it's just generally fun. It brings bright, vibrant colors and easy to understand controls. I wish those were tuned a bit more, but they worked fine and I really can't complain. There's a fair quantity of levels to play and a variation within those worlds that you work through.

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Melbits World Review on Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner