Midnight Deluxe Review

"Terrible Golf"


Midnight Deluxe is a golf-like game where you hit a character across the screen and it sort of randomly rolls into spots. The cube like creature doesn't have much movement, but can at times sway a bit if on the edge. This is a simple title with a number of levels and a clear goal on each. Some levels are fairly easy, others will require a number of tries in order to complete them.

The general concept isn't too difficult, but it can be hard to line up the shots. There's a certain element of randomness to the hits that makes this really frustrating at times. There's no sense of a narrative here and you're just interacting within this creepy area. It's basically the same backdrop and atmosphere with slight variations within the levels. Once you've completed the levels, the experience is just over, you'll unlock all of the Xbox Achievements prior if you're hunting for them.


You aim and then fire away hoping you hit your mark. There are glitches with this as the aiming setup will, at many times be off of the actual character. I'd go to shoot and my aiming option would be on the other side of the level, it was annoying. The world is simple, block silhouettes of strange deadly things.

There are friendly scary creatures you'll come across and many hazards. There's nothing too dynamic to the levels, mostly just tapping a button to open a pathway. I didn't find it too hard to play, but at times it can be frustrating. Any sort of mess up and you'll be headed back to the start of the level again. You're also given the option to instantly restart a level if you'd like to, in case of mess-up.
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The Conclusion

There are a fair quantity of levels in Midnight Deluxe, the bad aiming glitch and simplistic randomness make this a weak title. I would have liked there to be something else to this, it is a lower cost title so I suppose it's a fair setup. It just is far too simplistic and with problems, it makes this frustrating as opposed to a small enjoyable bite.

The levels are basically all the same, they don't do much and sometimes there was no complexity to them. I didn't really feel challenged with this game, purely frustrated for a lot of the time. I wish there was something more to the levels, or really in what you do. I suppose the concept is fine, it just wasn't executed fully. That aside, I respect the amount of levels that are present in the game. There was at least an effort to provide a good amount of time, if you desire to play through them all.

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Midnight Deluxe Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner