New Star Manager Review

"New Star? You're Right!"


Building off of their previous successful formula with New Star Soccer, instead of being an individual player this time around, you are placed in charge of the New Star Football Club. A Club that seemed like it wouldn’t last another season without new management.

Climbing to the top of the League and claiming the NATL cup was only the start of my bright career. Being the club manager not only means keeping on top of your players and managing the Squad, but also means you have to keep on top of the delicate infrastructure as well.

A balance between player fitness, their happiness as well as the the happiness and opinions of the Board, Media, Sponsors, and your Fans is required if you are to be successful at bringing the New Star Club to the Big Leagues.


Upon starting the game and selecting a save file, you are given a short introduction to how the game controls. It walks you through basic player movement, how to kick the ball and how you can set specific paths for your players to take while not in possession of the ball allowing you to come up with the strategies you need to win.

Outside of playing the pitch, most of your time will be spent on the Home screen where you can do various activities to increase your Clubs performance. Such as upgrading the quality of the pitch to prevent player injuries, you can build a fitness centre, improve your training grounds, build a recruitment office and even start a youth academy.

Most of these structures along with other bonuses generate special cards you can use to do a wide range of things such as increase player energy, make a player more proficient in a skill such as tackling or make the player happier through a manager meeting card.

From the Home screen, you can also switch to the League screen where you can check your current League standing as well as how the other Leagues are progressing, the Squad screen where you can manage your teams status, the Staff screen where you can upgrade your staff to earn better and more rewarding cards and finally, the Club screen where you can manage your relationships with the public, press, board and your sponsors.
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The Conclusion

New Star Manager is a great and addicting strategy management game. I have loved every single second of playing it from my crushing defeats at the hands of my own misguided plays to the cheers of joy I let out seeing an opposing striker slip past my defence only for my goal keeper to make a last-gasp dive and save the match.

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New Star Manager Review on PC
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Daniel Young