Old School RuneScape Review

Old School RuneScape on mobile brings the entire classic experience you remember, and perfectly ports the controls over. It's quite marvelous being out somewhere and connecting to a magical world I played when I was young. It's just how I remember it with a few tweaks from when I stopped playing. It's that classic looking world rendering just how I remember it. The tunes are there, the quests are restored and it's a busy world. Not only have they brought it back, they've done some neat things with it. There's full cross-play and cross-progression between mobile and PC.

You also have a control system that they've somehow stacked down into a phone sized hub, and it works great. I was given some Member access and thrown back into the mix from scratch. It has been quite awhile, but it feels so familiar. There are countless quests, tons of monsters to face and so many unique locations to explore. This was such a dominating MMORPG for so long and it's well worth checking out even if you're new to it. There's something excellent about the nostalgia and the classic style of play that works so well here.

The world is so heavily detailed and with it having been developed for so many years it's a complete experience. It does feel a tad aged in terms of how you progress in skills, but that was part of the charm and the strange way of doing things presented a grand challenge no matter what you aimed to work through. There are quests; skills to level up across a plethora of activities, wacky people to meet and hundreds of others running around doing the same
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Old School RuneScape mobile brings that classic experience exactly how you remember it, but in a compact and excellent format. I was really impressed with the UI and general controls in this. They feel right and it's all presented easily so that you don't have to tap a ton of options to get what you want. They really didn't sacrifice anything here presenting a full cross-play and cross-progression game. It's fantastic and captures that authentic original style that many used to love.

You can also now play it anywhere with superior loading and a ton of other players. There are many quests to work through, a pile of characters to meet and many monsters to battle along the way. You can improve this experience with additional benefits through a Membership and that's up to you of course. You can enjoy the regular free to play setup and you won't feel too hindered, but there's so much more you can do with a Membership. It was truly special to once again hop into this world to feel that nostalgia of slicing goblins, setting fires and of course adventuring in a friendly world I had never forgotten.

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Old School RuneScape Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner