Playstation 5 Having Early Exclusives Could be a Big Advantage

January 14, 2020 at 3:04am
By Jason Stettner

While the Xbox Series X will be lacking in next generation only first party games, the Playstation 5 will be having some games that are just for that console early on. This could be a big advantage for the PS5, as those titles will fully embrace the extra power of that console.

This is in comparison to the Xbox platform, where the next gen console will be limited mostly be the processing power of the base console from the current generation. It certainly could be quite an edge in regards to showcasing visuals that we haven’t seen in gaming within the console space.

This leads to the potential of those titles really giving us a look at what to expect as the games evolve on that platform heading into the future. It’s certainly going to be an interesting situation as traditionally games are always advanced considerably when jumping to that next console.
Ghost of Tsushima PS5
The Microsoft approach will be less of a leap in that regard, whereas Sony is leaning on more traditional setups when it comes to how they’ll handle games within the gap of time. It should be interesting to see if the concept around games only being on PS5 and not Playstation 4 will push more gamers to move ahead as opposed to staying with the platform they’ve been invested in for awhile.

It should also be noted that some form of backwards compatibility will be present, so it’s not a library loss this time around. The extent of that, we don’t know. I mention this as it’ll be interesting to see if extra titles will be sold as a remastered entry on the Playstation 5 or if they’ll be given some sort of free enhancement. I will swing back to the discussion on hand however, as it’s mentioned that some games will only be on the PS5 and nowhere else.
Days Gone PS5
This is in complete contrast to the competition not only in how I mentioned current generation consoles being supported, but also the fact that Xbox exclusives are available on PC. In the grand history of the apparent console wars exclusives have largely pushed units of consoles, and that could be the case with having a mighty line-up for around the launch, or directly at the launch of the platform.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what the first party, and perhaps third party is working on for that change-up in gaming generations. It’s always exciting to watch and see how news is released as it slowly builds the puzzle that is the anticipating leading towards getting that shiny new console. It’s not too long now, and I am very curious to see what Sony has cooking up for this new platform. The promise of a big jump in visuals, processing power and speed is definitely exciting. To have all those games load fast, while also looking far better than before.

Keep in mind that the specific titles native to the Playstation 5 won’t be held back by any sort of hardware and can fully take advantage of what power is sitting there waiting to be unleashed. Should definitely be an interesting talking point leading towards the release, and probably well after that.

The discussions never do end, but the effect of an early and powerful launch could have a lasting impact on the console space for years down the road. Who knows how it will go at this point, but I can’t wait until more information is provided as this is an exciting time for sure. That’s it for now, read our thoughts on the mystery of the Playstation below or check out the hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner