Playstation 5 Should Enhance PS4 Games

January 3, 2020 at 1:24am
By Jason Stettner

With the Playstation 5 arriving this year, and backwards compatibility being supported it would be great if PS4 titles featured some sort of enhancement to them. In the past, some titles are carried over but owners have to repurchase them.

I feel it would be great, and welcomed if there was some sort of free update or upgrade considering the shift in how generations are handled. Somewhat like what we’ve seen with the PS4 Pro upgrades. It would be nice if this also applied to older titles, just giving them a boost. I imagine this would be something that would be handled via the developers, which might not be a realistic expectation.

It would just be nice if it was an option, considering the wealth of Playstation 4 games set to release prior to the launch of the next generation console. On top of that, the many gems that have released over the generation. A step further, if the power is there would be a blanket sort of boost or an anti-aliasing effect on games.
Death Stranding PS5
This would be similar to what we’ve seen on Xbox One X enhanced games, that would be nice. I’m not sure the titles would necessarily need that as they’re rather sharp, but it might boost games further which I think would be a nice bonus.

It might be an odd thing to consider, but I’m very much for the preservation of titles and making them look their best adds to the longevity of those experiences. A sort of preservation to make games look great going forward. This would better attract future purchases, and allow a smooth revisit for those wanting to play titles of old.

I know this might not be a realistic sort of thing to have happen, but if the power was there it’s an idea. I personally am looking forward to being able to play these games still with the shift of the generation, and I’m sure others won’t want to miss out on the recent titles that did release for the platform.
Days Gone PS5
There are some that hold back for another console, or some jumping onto the platform for the first time. It’s awesome that backwards compatibility is being embraced, it would just be a nice perk on top of that. I imagine the enhanced drives will be excellent for allowing the load times to be almost eliminated, and perhaps that should be good enough.

I would like that to go further as I’ve mentioned, as it would be a neat experience and excuse to see just how much better the glorious titles released on PS4 could look going forward. The application of the enhanced updates on the Xbox One X have been stunning, and while it would be less of a jump it still might be a visible sort of quality boost.

Even a general sort of enabling boost like we see on the PS4 Pro would be nice to have. I know there are a number of games where the frame rate just isn’t quite as stable as it could be, and hopefully that will be achieved with this power boost. Anyways, it would be something good to have and I’m not sure others had even considered this sort of thing.

I just hope we don’t have to re-buy all of these games again for a slightly better version like last time around. I recall paying five dollars for an upgraded copy, but with the change in platforms being more seamless this time it would be nice to not have to worry about that sort of thing.

Whatever the case, I can’t wait to hear more about what the platform is going to do with their BC program, and I’m sure the details will be released prior to the console’s launch. It’s not long yet, and it’ll be a fun surprise to see the information trickle out over the coming year. That’s it for now, read our thoughts on the mystery of the Playstation below or check out the hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner