Post Void Review

"Seizure Warning"


September 26, 2020 at 10:06pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a rather insanely fast paced shooter that gives a literal reason to have the whole seizure warning in gaming. It’s very flashy, and insanely difficult on the eyes. I had to play it in parts basically, or well take breaks since it was just hard to process.

It was super quick, featured a retro style and was a visual treat. The levels aren’t anything too wild in terms of layout or size, but it does act like a sort of maze that you’re trying to get through swiftly. You have to be quick, make decisions even faster and try to keep that counter from trickling down.

You’ll have a wide range of levels to make it through, and that won’t be easy as you get swapped back to the start. It is a good challenge if that’s your sort of thing. I would have liked to maybe see an extra mode option here. I think it’s ripe for a random sort of challenge mode, but I’m sure the core package will be fine for those that want to have a specific sort of blasting time.


You’ve got a trusty gun, and you’re attempting to annihilate anything you can in order to build up your life. You have one insanely weird looking heart, and the screen is constantly covered with effects as you destroy many types of enemies along the way.

The levels are setup like throwback FPS games of the past, with a little bit of elevation to it. It’s very much linear, but does have some maze like properties to it. The music is really kicking, and finally the visuals are insane. It gives a true meaning to the may cause seizures warning that games have.

It’s hard to process, and strangely addicting in that regard. At the same time, I felt a real sense of fatigue while viewing it for a decent amount of time. You may need to take breaks as it is an insane sensory overload.
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The Conclusion

Post Void is definitely a wild time with blistering fast FPS action, at the same time it feels limited in scope. It’s a sensory overload for sure, and again be very wary if your prone to seizures. That warning has a whole new level of meaning after this one. It was fatiguing and difficult to really sit there to play. Still, it’s strangely enticing.

It’s got really neat visuals, and it’s super fast paced. There are so many unique elements to you blasting enemies away while attempting to reach the exit. It’s fast paced, but doesn’t given too much of a sense of progression. I would have liked an extra mode or something more. I think a randomized challenge would have been fun to work at.

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Post Void Review on PC
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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner