Respawn Review

August 2, 2019 at 2:10pm
By Jason Stettner

Respawn by Razer is a mental performance drink mix from the company that delivers a number of flavors. It’s a rather interesting thing for the group to do considering their history in tech based gear for gaming. This special item was being given out at E3 2019, and I was given some to try out.

It’s been awhile, but the schedule opened up and I thought I’d give this a whirl to see how it is. I tried one of each drink day after day, and they’re actually quite great. At the event they were giving out special packs that contained a sample for every currently available flavor.

That means I was able to try them all out, and get an idea for what they provide. The flavor options are Pomegranate Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Pineapple and Green Apple. I felt that all of them tasted rather great, and the taste was strong in regards to what they were titled.

Sometimes these types of drinks come across as watered down, whereas this has a right balance. I believe either of the last two I listed were my favorites, but I didn’t mind the other ones either. I used these drinks in a combination of situations, sometimes I’d go for a fairly intensive walking venture whereas other times I would chill out playing games. When I was quite tired, it certainly granted a boost, and that’s the caffeine kicking in for you.

I will note that the box straight up says not to have more than three servings in a day, I highly suggest sticking to that one. The method of usage is fairly straight forward. You’ll gather some water (16-20 oz), pour the powder in and just shake it up. It doesn’t take too long, and once it’s mixed in you just get to enjoy it easily. It’s not hard to understand, and should be simple for everyone. The packets even have an easy tear system to them, very helpful. Each serving is only twenty calories which is excellent and you get a lot out of a particular “stick” as the little package of powder is called in this offering.
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The Conclusion

Razer’s Respawn brings some great tasting drinks, with low calories and they bring an actual performance boost of alertness. They’re certainly uplifting once they’ve been consumed and I appreciated that. I used them not only in the sense of their actual purpose for gaming, but also for some applicable real life venturing. The flavors are varied, and they do taste quite well.

Certainly enjoyable, and you get a lot out of each stick that’s used. It was great to try, and it’s nice to see this sort of alternative gaming focused option being available. It’s also great that it was handed out during E3, definitely makes sense to do so at that type of event.

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Respawn Review
Review Product Provided by Razer

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner