Rogue Company Tips & Tricks

July 24, 2020 at 8:49pm
By Jason Stettner

With Rogue Company arriving as a free to play title and being a third person strategic shooter I thought I’d go over some tips in order to perform better within the game. This should be a fine guide across the platforms since this is a cross-play and cross-progression experience.

The game features a wide range of characters to use, weapons or perks to purchase between rounds and various ways to interact with the actual title. It is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. I hope you find this relatively helpful, there’s a video version and of course written numbered points below as well.

The Rogue Company Tips & Tricks List
#1 Try different characters, each one is unique and there are a ton to use. They have distinct abilities and loadout options present. It’s about finding the style that fits well for how you like to play.

#2 Rolling is super important. You can roll in any direction and it’ll give you a chance to bounce back after getting shot at. It also allows you to reach cover comfortably. In order to reload faster, you can tap reload and then roll for an instant reload too.

#3 Jumping up and down behind cover significantly reduces the amount of concentrated damage you’ll take if you just keep your head up. Also be careful interactions behind cover such as throwing a grenade, it makes you peek your head up therefore making you vulnerable.

#4 Be careful of spawns, enemies will have protection once they respawn.

#5 Ziplines aren’t the best way to get around. These ziplines make you very vulnerable and are somewhat awkwardly placed in maps. You can however jump up to reach them earlier, or jump off them prior to fully reaching the end if you’re taking cover.

#6 Grenades are deadly, if you have the option to use one make sure you do since it can completely decimate enemies behind cover.

#7 Shoulder perspective changing, you can do this at any time and it’s super helpful for when you’re going around off-side walls or even when you’re behind cover.
Rogue Company Tips
#8 Buy perks and level your weapons. Between rounds you can boost up your gear and past that actually level up the items a few times.

#9 Use cross-progression. If you’re playing the game on multiple platforms, you can set it up so that your progress is carried over between them.

#10 Guide the gliders far, you can get into a deeper part of the map if you angle the launch glider in certain ways. This helps you get a faster jump on positions, or in regards to holding key map spots.

#11 Use your in-game spotting, this is down on the D-Pad or platform equivalent. One tap is to let your team know where you’re headed, two is to mark an enemy area. Keep in mind that the latter does not highlight enemies. This stuff shows up on the mini map too.

#12 Use verticality. While this is a boots on the ground game, there are many objects you can climb in order to get a brief advantage on others.

#13 If you have the shield ability, use it to block paths as it takes awhile for enemies to destroy it.

There’s the list of multiplayer tips and tricks in the game, I hope you found this helpful as a resource. You can read our review of Rogue Company below, or check out the general platform hub for additional coverage.

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