Warface: Breakout Review

"Tight Combat"


June 4, 2020 at 4:22am
By Jason Stettner

This is a spin-off of the free to play shooter Warface, with Breakout being a premium tactical shooter. It comes across as feeling similar to Counter-Strike in nature, while having some aspects that definitely make it feel in line with the core game of this series. With that, it feels like a great evolution on their mechanics, and it’s generally solid. I was pleasantly surprised by this game, and what it provides. It’s not necessarily an expansive experience, but it focuses in and absolutely delivers on the core mechanics.

In the game there is a single mode, its round based and has two variations to it. There’s a regular play option which is the default to search for, and a hardcore one where certain aspects are adjusted accordingly. The matches feature a long selection of rounds, with the goal to win the majority before your foes do. You’ll play a number of rounds, and then eventually switch sides. As you’re playing you’re gaining cash to buy weapons, or items at the start of every round. This also gets reset at that midpoint of the game, just like your side of play.

The main point of this shift, is to switch what you’re doing. It’s a game of attack, and defend. One team wants to get that bomb planted whereas the other wants to either disarm it or prevent it from being planted in the first place. Another option is to entirely eliminate the opposite team, an aspect that happens often.

I would have personally liked more of a focus on objective play, since things do seem to really come down to combative efforts for the most part. That’s really all the game has to it, but it’s generally well done and fun to play with some exciting moments. It does tease season one content, so I’m not sure what exactly that might be or when it will arrive. I would assume a battle pass, or something along those lines at the time of writing this.
Warface: Breakout Xbox One


This is a fine option within the shooter genre, featuring a wide range of weapons to take advantage of. The extra tools are minimal, but effective such as a grenade for an example. The selection of weapons is fairly expansive, with a number of options in each category. You get everything from snipers, to SMGs. The effectiveness of these options will vary based on the map you’re playing on. I did find the shotguns to be relatively weak in comparison to other options out there. I feel some minor balancing will smooth things out further though.

There’s definitely an interesting aspect of health decay in matches, since you’re not regenerating like you would in other titles and I thought that was a neat way to make those single life a round counters matter. There are also basic mechanics for team communication, and while appreciated I thought they could have taken those further. The game does have some generally great maps, but the number is limited. I would have liked a couple more considering how many rounds you play per match on them, but the selection is decent. They all have a good flow to them, and distinct choke points. Some of them feature tighter combat, whereas others have longer lanes.

There are some points of elevation, though it’s largely just boots formly on the ground. There’s an alright variation within the environmental aesthetics of the maps. The entire game features a futuristic style to it, and that does help make it stand out from the competition to some degree. It has some cool looking areas, and really neat soldier models. The visuals of the game are certainly decent, yet at the same time nothing too wild.

It is Xbox One X enhanced, and fairly impressive in that regard. It features a 4k resolution through checkerboarding with HDR support. I will note that some performance drops, and or hitches were present. It’s not the worst, but something that is noticeable at times. There’s also a really neat feature to turn off copyrighted audio, which is appreciated as a content creator.
Warface: Breakout Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Warface: Breakout is a solid shooter that takes the whole Counter-Strike style of combat, and does its own thing with it. It doesn’t change the concept too wildly, but it definitely feels like Warface. That is, a smoother and more evolved build upon that initial base game. It’s actually quite fun to play, and has a good sense of competition to it.

It’s not the most expansive type of shooter in recent memory, but it focuses entirely on its core gameplay and I appreciate that. It doesn’t try to hit too many varied aspects of play, giving tense and focused round based combat. There’s a good range of weapons, and enough tactical details to work together with. It can provide some excellent game time if you’re enjoying the core experience like I did.

It’s very easy to sit there and battle through the rounds as it feels as though at any point you could come back or perhaps increase your lead. It handled well, looked visually fine and was a complete surprise. I do feel that the name branding might confuse some though, I actually initially thought this was just an update to Warface at first.

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Warface: Breakout Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner