Save Your Nuts Review

"Grabbing Those Nuts"


April 19, 2020 at 4:07am
By Jason Stettner

This is a party focused game where smaller critters battle it out within a selection of game modes. It features local and online multiplayer for up to eight players which is actually quite impressive. That being said, it gets a bit too clustered when you get to higher tier lobby numbers. It’s harder to make an impact on what’s going on, and I wish there were some additional modes that leant into those party sizes better.

That’s one particular issue with the game, is the lack of the modes present. There’s one where you’re capturing nuts, battling or thieving nuts. The modes are fairly simple , and don’t have a whole lot of complexity to them. That being said, they play around with it a bit as you unlock additional levels to play.

In regards to the unlocking process you just have to win on all the previous maps to get the next one, it’s an odd setup quite honestly but it doesn’t impact the experience. Again, it’s just a generally weird thing to include. Aside from maps, you might also get a neat character or two as well, so it’s worth it. That’s really the just of this, the online multiplayer and the local multiplayer.


This is an over the top type of vantage game, where you see the whole field of play at any given moment. This is either tighter, or wider based on the scale of the particular map you’re on. The levels are varied, and often feature neat disruptions. An example being some large scale vehicles driving through on the one, this changes the layout and pushes players around.

While playing you’ll also find power-ups on the map that will change how the conflict plays out. You might get a speed boost, or maybe a little bit of extra toughness to aid your battle. Prior to starting you’ll select from a group of critters, and that also adjusts the action to a degree. It’s great that the game includes bots, and that their levels can be adjusted. It’s also appreciated that it has online multiplayer, many party games of this type neglect that aspect which I feel is important.

I found the visuals to generally be alright, there’s some depth and they various critters do stand out. That being said, it really does get muddled at times and it’s hard to make an impact on play as an individual within a larger mass of competing players. You might even lose your particular character in the tangled mess, which is a problem for sure.
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The Conclusion

Save Your Nuts is an alright party game, it has some important elements and just comes across as lacking in variation. There’s a solid selection of maps, power-ups and critters. It’s just a shame that there are only a few modes that are largely all the same.

There was some real potential to polish this up just a bit more, as this game has such interesting base mechanics. I also do wonder how they might make it more split in terms of the characters as clusters make it harder to actually feel like you’re doing anything instead of it being just a mad scramble of players in one spot.

There are some neat ideas in this one, and it satisfies as a frantic party game. It has some really great parts to it, whereas others somewhat drag it down. I appreciate the online options, as well as the local setups as well. The inclusion of bots is also great.

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Save Your Nuts Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner