Sayonara Wild Hearts E3 2019 Preview

June 30, 2019 at 9:05pm
By Jason Stettner

It’s nice to book something smaller while at E3, the show is always tiring and it’s nice to relax. Sayonara Wild Hearts was perhaps the most calming, and reality escaping experiences I had while at the show this year.

It was the type of game that didn’t expect a whole lot out of me, and I could just enjoy playing it. It features a lovely, majestic sound track and just intense gameplay. Not hardcore intense, but visually stimulating that’s set against that soft yet epic music.
Sayonara Wild Hearts Nintendo Switch
This is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title, which is actually a bit of a shame as I hope as many people as possible could have the chance to play this. It’s a bit different of a title, but one that is certainly worthwhile. You’re moving on a three lane system that’s set like an endless runner. You’re soaring along this area collecting hearts and interacting with some elements.

The demo wasn’t too long, but I was able to move through a few levels and take on these intense biker folks. They were clearly bosses, and it was a calming battle along the way. It was also really intense as there are insane backdrops, fast paced action and so much going on. This is supposed to be a buttery smooth game at 1080p 60fps for docked and 720p 60fps for handheld, this will certainly help make things feel even better. In general, this was probably one of the most memorable games of the event.

I was able to escape everything by just sitting down and blasting through this world while listening to the enchanting songs. It felt like a completely unique experience and I wanted more quite honestly. Luckily the full game will release at some point, so I look forward to that. Anyways, I had to get back to reality, and therefore work but I really appreciated playing this. That’s all for Sayonara Wild Hearts, at least for now. Check out our E3 2019 hub for additional coverage from the event.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner