Slime Rancher Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Slime Rancher has been one of my favorite games in 2017 bringing countless hours of joy and general farming. I've even gotten a number of my friends hooked on it and for awhile we were all playing at once while chatting about our farms. It was an exciting time and it's a rather easily addicting game so with this Slime Rancher Xbox One X enhancement it wasn't hard to return.

The game has received a number of improvements with this update and for the most part it just makes it look better. This is somewhat disappointing as I was hoping later game farms might get a boost from performance. It's definitely better and those smaller areas are completely fluid, it just still has some drops and screen tears in a typical farm like mine below.

I don't at all want to be negative, this update is fantastic and everything looks great. It's just the local farm areas that are still hit fairly hard for performance. The many areas you visit now practically run perfect with a completely fluid experience.

Rarely did I come across any issues out there and even the more quiet Slime sanctuaries were excellent. The world looks much better as they've increased the texture quality for the general environment and the water as well. This includes a general increase in graphic quality to a 4k resolution. There's obviously the bump in frame rate as I mentioned of which many areas do hit it perfectly.

Slime Rancher Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
Future plans according to Monomi Park include a continued battle for performance as they optimize it further and I really do think they've done a great job there. Another mention is future HDR support of which they'll be working towards and I think that would be fantastic.

It would definitely fit the game well and help brighten the charm of the landscape just that much more. I also feel that the Slimes would be fantastic with that extra shimmer, especially those Mosaic ones. Those Slimes in particular are really bright in this update and very pleasant to view. I felt that all the slimes looked even better in this and it was nice to see them hop around with a smoother world to do so in.

There's not really anything different in Slime Rancher aside from the last content update, but this enhancement does a fantastic job of making the world look just that much more better. Not only that, much it plays much better providing a smooth adventure throughout.

If you haven't played Slime Rancher for whatever reason at this point it's definitely worth jumping into. It's got all the qualities of the most addicting farming titles and keeps you entirely engaged. It's also just massive in scale providing multiple islands with various biomes, a pile of slimes and so many fun tools to use as you collect their plorts.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner