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Slime Rancher Walkthrough

Walkthrough for one of the most adorable games I've ever played where you simply just farm slimes on a space ranch! You collect piles of slimes, feed them and then sell their plorts for profit.

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Slime Rancher is just a beautiful, charming and cute little farming game. While playing your goal is to collect slimes and then take those into special little cages that can be upgraded. Once you feed them they spit out plorts that can be sold so you can buy better things. There are large areas to ranch within, places to explore and mystical elements that come together for a lovely story.

In this Slime Rancher walkthrough series I aim to showcase the key moments of what's actually a really well designed story and game. This includes the basics on how to get your little slime farm going, feeding Gordos for Slime Keys and eventually reaching the end. The ending is included with a gorgeous credits song and animation sequence. During my time with the story I collect numerous slimes including Honey; Rad, Tabby, Rock, Crystal and ever so many more. I love playing it and showcasing what I've created to hopefully help provide a guide for others to farm better or unlock achievements.