State of Decay 2 Infestation Guide Tips and Tricks

While Infestations were a big draw of the first game, in State of Decay 2 they're mostly just secondary objectives. That being said, it's important to deal with these as they do spread and if you're not looking it could become an epidemic. These houses appear on the map as yellow huts. There will be one or two at first and it'll expand over time if not taken care of. They'll be close together too as they spread, making the effort to take out one harder. This is due to some of the creatures moving over from one area to the next due to sound. This is an easy set of tips and tricks for tackling infestations. First off, I'd like to suggest the easiest way to do it. Grab yourself a vehicle, drive up towards the infected area and honk. This will draw out the zombies slowly and steadily. Once most are out, start driving them over.

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Aim for the screamers as they'll attract additional members of the undead, but this is the easiest way to handle things. You can finish most of them in under thirty seconds and be on your merry way. It does damage the car slightly, but no worse than regular wear and tear. That's all it takes to clear them out, it's that easy. If you're wanting a less easy method, grab a follower for an assist and get in there. There will be a small collection of zombies, use melee weapons. You'll want to aim for the screamers, keep in mind they can stun you with a howl. Take them out first, then eliminate the rest. It's best to do this outside or in larger areas, you don't want to get trapped. This is easy to do and a fast way to deal with infestations in State of Decay 2.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner