The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire Review

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire is an interesting DLC expansion to the game. It brings a swampy type area to the South of the main continent. It can be grabbed with Crowns from the game or an active membership and then you'll be teleported to this special area in order to start.

This is a very different type of situation as it aims to be more of a wacky adventure with a focus on narrative as opposed to just combat. I really liked that aspect, it was more fun by being so different. For example, one of the early areas has you dodging traps while you're in a lost temple and then fixing things to progress. Another mission has you sneaking around in a camp to collect documents.

There's certainly a focus on stealth and with this area being filled with such a wealth of unique content, I really felt they could have expanded this out further since this is one of the smaller additions to The Elder Scrolls Online. Not to say there isn't a lot to do, it's just not at the level of Summerset. Just to set the scale of what to expect with this extra content.

The general narrative tasks you with helping an Imperial scholar recover a mysterious and powerful relic that takes you deep into Black Mars to explore its history, and its people. There are of course new weapons and tools that come with this, that's of course expected. To top it off there's a brand new four player cooperative mode where you face off against waves of creatures titled the Blackrose Prison.
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The Conclusion

The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire is an excellent addition to the game that is a bit more adventure based than other expansions. It is one that definitely presents a very detailed and sunken swamp to explore.

I was certainly impressed with the location as it felt dense in terms of plant life, as well as with the creatures that inhabited it. It really does feel all murky as you're running along moist dirt and then swimming, or at least waist deep in swamp water. It's not colorful, but it does have a distinct look to it that makes this region feel fresh.

I also really liked the quests as they felt so different. They were more action and story based as opposed to being about combat. You'd be running out of a collapsing tunnel grabbing loot, or sneaking around with the characters.

It was almost silly to a degree and I think that felt right for this area. There's quite a fair bit to explore and do whether you're working through the general story or taking part in some of the side quests. The cooperative mode is also a welcomed twist on the game and something new to do with others. I always welcome fresh activities for these types of games.

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