Top 10 Fallout 4 Xbox One X Mods

After covering many Fallout 4 mods, here are the best ones to take specific advantage of the Xbox One X. It's a huge jump for a console as it displays 4k resolution and players can juice it just that much more with the wide selection of mods. These are ten mods that aim to improve the visuals and world to hopefully provide some better immersion. They tweak things from the textures, to the density of the greenery and make a huge difference in how realistic everything looks. I hope this Top 10 Fallout 4 Xbox One X mods list assists your custom load out and makes your game beautiful. The list is safe for work and in no particular ranking order.

#10: Enhanced Blood Textures Basic

With 2k quality and an aim towards realistic blood each battle will feel that much more visceral. It's less about having a fake reaction to getting shot and instead really seeing what sort of damage your weapons are doing. Splatter a bit here, splatter a bit there and it all looks fantastic.

#9: Realistic Ragdoll Force

The ragdoll effect makes the deaths and well fallen enemies look that much more natural. Less flopping and more plopping like a proper gentle corpse.

#8: Visible Galaxy 4k

If the night sky is clear you'll see one of the most beautiful sky boxes ever. It's just incredible to look at and makes every single night adventure magical. It'll instantly draw your attention no matter what you're doing and with wonder it's worth it. The 4k quality shines here, pure eye candy.
Top 10 Fallout 4 Xbox One X Mods grass

#7: True Storms: Wasteland Edition

You get a large list of custom and very realistic storms introduced into your wasteland. They come naturally and appear randomly to showcase a stunning effect that the core weather system couldn't come close to producing. The rain is a particular treat, looks so natural.

#6: Wet - Water Enhancement Textures

This is what I'd called perfect water. All the water in the game gets touched up to a stunning level of clarity with it all looking so realistic. When paired with the true storms the water drops upon the surface are crazy.

#5: Green in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is somewhat barren, throw in some green to the trees or grass and just increase that density. This adds a natural layering across the world making the green grass pop with color and feel so dense. The world is drab, time to fix that up.
Top 10 Fallout 4 Xbox One X Mods

#4: Commonwealth Cuts

Enjoy over 200 haircuts which all look fantastic and they fit perfectly within the world. It just really adds some more variation within the hair you see. There are so many people, might as well have some style to it.

#3: Spring in the Commonwealth

Another plant based addition this revamps the grass textures, fixes the mesh up and just basically helps to provide a dense flooring to the boring dirt across the world. I pair this with Green in the Commonwealth and it works well.

#2: Spitfire (Enhanced Muzzle FX)

Each muzzle gets a complete revamp creating a wide array of interesting effects when they're shot. It looks much better and adds some much needed style to the weapons.

#1: Vivid Fallout - All in One

An all around type mod this one improves many textures across the world from trees to concrete and even sand. It looks fantastic and when paired with some extra plant density it makes the wasteland get that much of an extra shine. There's actually quite a big difference when this is introduced and it's notable in all areas of the Commonwealth.

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