Trax - Build it, Race it Review

"RC Cars, on a Track"


January 23, 2019 at 5:20pm

Trax is sort of just absolute garbage, there's nothing to it and even the minimal aspects that exist are awful. The game comes with a number of lazy compiled maps that all have the same backdrop and are just looped track with the occasional turn. The concept seems to be for you to create your own tracks which is neat. There's just nothing to this aside from that, that's where any points would have come from if that aspect was more interesting to use.

You're basically racing two RC Cars so you compete against the AI, or a local friend. I doubt you'll want to drag any of your poor friends into playing this so you're stuck with the AI. This competition is ridiculous, it's not hard, but they certainly keep pace with you. Any mistake, best restart the track. I will say it was nice getting the thousand Gamerscore from this, but even that was barely bearable here.


Trax - Build it, Race it isn't even excited enough to add capitals into its store page name. The game handles like garbage, the controls are awkward and it's just simplistic. There's nothing to this, you just go on a pre-determined track adjusting your speed in bursts as you go. There are some camera angles, both are awkward as hell to view what's going on.

The backdrop is just bland, guess you're in some sad bedroom. There's no color, no light, it's a place where dreams go to die. Guess that's what it feels like to play this game, so it fits in. The customization area offers some options for creating tracks, that's hard to use and not great in general.
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The Conclusion

Trax - Build it, Race it is the type of lazy effort that just shouldn't be on the store. There's nothing to this game, little to no value and it's certainly not fun. Even the custom track options are too awkward to use effectively and after playing what they somewhat call a campaign you wouldn't be interested.

I was bold to grind through the short series of pre-built tracks to get to the editor afterwards, it was painful. This is drab, sad and just awful to experience. If you're desperate for some gamerscore then I suppose you may be interested. If that's the case, you're brave or perhaps need to re-evaluate your life choices a bit.

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Trax - Build it, Race it Review on Xbox One X
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