Trivia Crack 2 Review

Trivia Crack 2 is the sequel to the ever popular mobile title, this again basically takes the same concept and streamlines it. The game is all about answering various questions on a number of topics across six core genres. There's Entertainment; Art, Sports, History, Science and Geography. This game does somewhat come across as a bit of an ad farm and a transaction haven, with micro having little to do with it. You can't even pay to entirely remove ads, it just lasts for an allotment of time. That aside, the core of the game isn't bad. It's rotating multiple choice questions for the various genres.

There are a wide range of question types to come across though most are fairly straight forward. If you fail you can use the in-game currency to continue, if not you get an ad and have to play against someone else if you want to keep going. There are a limited quantity of hearts given to you that recharge over time, these are how you play matches. On top of that, games are limited by time and you have to play in so much time or lose. This keeps you coming back and in turn giving them a good farm on those premium video ads they run. There are quests to do, they mostly are based on playing and you have character tiers to go up that don't really do much. Aside from the main game, there is a direct gauntlet where you're essentially competing directly with someone at the same time, it has a similar ad style though multiple times per match setup.
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Trivia Crack 2 is a decent game its core, but clearly one that feels like an ad farm with a style that's meant to continuously draw you in. If you like this type of setup I think it's a fine option, the constant bombardment of their premium video ads was too much as this felt very repetitive.

It does carry a very clean, colorful presentation and I can see why many would be hooked on this. I didn't feel there was much to it overall, it's just a series of basic multiple choice questions. I thought the social connections were well done, it's easy to battle friends if you'd like to. This isn't a terrible game, but the design choices and their purpose are very clear.

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Trivia Crack 2 Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner