Xbox Series X July Event, How it Can be Great

July 3, 2020 at 10:53pm
By Jason Stettner

With the big Xbox Series X reveal approaching in July, it’s time to go over how the event can amaze and show players that this is the console to jump ahead with for the next generation. Here are a number of ways this show can drive home the point that the console will deliver a high quantity, and a high quality of gaming experiences.

I’ll somewhat break these down into topical groups in order to keep things generally focused with this just being an opening segment to get it rolling. These can be some ways for the console to get a competitive edge over the Playstation 5.

The Games
This is an obvious starting point for a gaming console, something that was somewhat forgotten for the Xbox One launch. An aspect that they didn’t quite nail with their prior showcase of smaller offerings. This really does need to be displayed at a quality that’s proper for the games. I hated seeing the last showing in a low resolution at a low FPS, and that was the same thought I had for the Playstation 5 event.

These games deliver higher FPS offerings with 4k resolutions, show them like that. Well, at least at 60fps. With that, provide some actual moments of gameplay. It’s much more impressive to see gameplay in action, than it is CGI rendered scenes that all gaming companies have adapted over recent years.
Xbox Series X Game Reveals Halo Infinite
There also needs to be a wide range of games. Bring out what that first party selection of studios are working on. No more, we’re building the talent to get this done. Get it done, show what they have to offer. There are a large number of Xbox Game Studio development teams now. It’s time for them to shine, and provide what I hope is a wide range of unique titles. I’ve recently gone over what I anticipate will be there such as Halo Infinite or Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, and who knows what we’ll truly see quite honestly.

I would also like to see some strong partnership showcases here. Microsoft has done a good job in recent years at E3 events in regards to having some big publishers come up. These announcements usually carry fun surprises, and display neat partnerships. I think this is a good spot to showcase the biggest games, and how they’re running on the platform. Nothing too expansive, but a reminder that these games will look their best on Xbox Series X.
Xbox Series X Game Reveals enhanced
The Services
This isn’t the spot to really go over things such as TV offerings, but it should be the spot to say that Xbox Game Pass is going to fuel your start on this platform. Make it very well known the length to which backwards compatibility will be present. Showcase someone shoving a Xbox 360 disc into a Xbox Series X tray. Let it be known that the previous games we own will play, and that they’ll play better than ever.

That’s right, there should be a brief reel that blasts across the biggest games from the past in with stunning resolution or FPS boosts. This needs to be an event where it’s shown that the library you have carries forward and that you’re not starting with nothing on a new console. It’s silly to leave your legacy, and favorite games behind. We are aware there is backwards compatibility across generations, it’s a good time to throw in a reminder.

The Release Date
We’re getting close to the end of 2020, it’s time to open up those pre-orders after we’ve been shown the console’s potential. A release date should be set so that we can prepare and know what sort of games we want to get. It also wouldn’t hurt to showcase a couple dates for game releases. I imagine not all of them will be there for launch.

A Flexible Price Point
At this point it would be nice to leave this game of console pricing chicken. Just throw out a price, and note that the Xbox Series X is willing to match, and lower to any noted offering of the competition. I think that would be fierce, and get the point across that Xbox is here to compete. Or, just keep on waiting and undercut. It would also be nice to know how much is needed to be saved for when these next generation consoles release.
Xbox Series X Game Reveals Hellblade
Focus on Xbox Series X
There are rumors of a lower end Xbox Series S console which I think is a smart move. I really do feel they need to keep the focus on this higher end console for now. Maybe tease the little one for a later time, but showcase the biggest games looking their best at the highest end hardware for this event.

Well, those aspects are what I think could provide a big win for Microsoft with their next generation Xbox Series X console. To focus deeply on games, and provide smaller details on the information that we haven’t seen displayed yet. To keep it concise, while at the same time making it feel expansive. Read our write-up on the recent Xbox shooter CrossfireX, or check out the general hub for the Xbox Series X platform below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner