Boogie Dice

Release Date: Fall 2018
Publisher: Breaking Games
Developer: Breaking Games

Boogie Dice are a fun new way to play, a premium board game accessory for your special evenings. They can be used in anything that requires dice and they will add a whimsical element to the experience. They will replace any old dice you may have, bringing the real fun. They can act as a timer, a sound detector or even as an alarm/buzzer. There's motion detection and also a randomizer as well to mix things up. These dice always bring the fun, and perhaps a strange twist to your ventures in board games.

Boogie Dice Box Art

Review Score: 7.2/10
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Features & Versions
Two Boogie Die
Internals: Vibration Motor, Rechargeable Battery, Tilt Sensor, Microphone, 3 LED's
Size: 25mm Square
Weight: 15 Grams

Game Time
Unknown Minutes

Unlimited Players, one at a time however, or two people holding a die each