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Release Date: Q4 2018
Publisher: Czech Games Edition
Developer: Czech Games Edition

Trapwords is all about words, you are given one and your teammates need to guess what it is. The other team has seen your word and they'll be creating traps around other words that can't be said. You don't know their list and the time limit will make it more difficult to find the word out. This is noted as a fast paced party game for two teams. They both prepare their lists to battle, as you move forward you'll be faced with more difficult levels and additional challenges.

Trapwords Box Art

Review Score: X/10
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Features & Versions
50 Double-Sided Cards, 400 Fantasy Words, 400 Standard Words, 10 Monster Cards, 10 Curse Cards, 7 Cardboard Books, 4 Cardboard Books, 2 Cardboard Team Figures, 5 Cardboard Monster Figures, 2 Cardboard Torches, 3 Plastic Stands, 1 Pad of Trapword List Sheets, 2 Pencils, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Rulebook, 1 Overview Leaflet

Game Time
30 Minutes

4-8 Players+