Minecraft: Guide Collection Review

March 9, 2019 at 9:43pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a four pack collection of books, where the focus is to assist with various key elements of Minecraft. You get the Guide To: Creative; Exploration, Redstone, The Nether & The End. The last noted book covers two segments, but is a single entry still. These are fairly easy to understand guides that will teach you a lot about the game. I'm a very seasoned player, and even I learned quite a lot of new information. Each covers what I'd consider to be an important aspect of learning about the game. This is great for those that are interested and would like some reading material about it in a concise format, or for those that want to get more knowledge about the various areas of the game.

In Exploration you get details about surviving in the game, places you can go and what you'll face. With Creative you learn about creating structuring, building more aesthetically pleasing creations and just about the mode in general. The Redstone option showcases how find, use and then integrate this material. For context, Redstone is a red sand that's used as power that's somewhat like electricity. The final selection is about two key end game areas including the fire based Nether and The End which features the dark final boss of the Ender Dragon. You can read reviews on each individual book right here.

The Guide to: Creative
The Guide to: Exploration
The Guide to: Redstone
The Guide to: The Nether & The End

Minecraft: Guide Collection Cover

The books are cleanly presented with a white and then color theme. You can tell this pack is Minecraft based, but it comes across as more professional offerings. The pages are precise, typically offering an image and then small written blurbs around them. There are highlight tips and other little facts placed throughout. They're generally presented in a simple, and streamlined formula.

I feel that these books are appropriate for all audience types as they present the material in a simple enough format. This is a nice, compact package that has tons of information about the game. It truly is a wealth of information that should be great to learn some neat secrets and general details about the game. If you've ever been wondering about this game; even perhaps someone not well versed in it, these are a good entry point.

The Conclusion

The Minecraft: Guide Collection is a perfect way to get the basics, as well as more complex ideas about the game. Each of the books cover a different essential element of gameplay and expand upon initial concepts. They have detailed information about the process behind each idea, and a streamlined format. You get clear in-game imagery, with text that explains what's going on and how to perform each element of play.

It's rather neat to see this information presented in a book format as I didn't anticipate such a cohesive display of the content. These are really good pieces of knowledge in regards to those that want to learn about what you can do in the game, or to understand trickier parts of the experience.

Minecraft: Guide Collection Book Review
Authors: Stephanie Milton and Craig Jelley
ISBN: 9781984818348
Review Copy Provided by Penguin Random House Canada

Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner