Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Abomination Boss Fight Guide

Release Date: October 1, 2019
Platforms: IOS, Android
Publisher: Activision
Developer: TiMi Studios

Within the free to play Call of Duty Mobile the zombies mode presents a number of interesting situations for survival or regular play. These undead horde focused levels can be played alone, or in a group of four cooperatively online. There are Raid and Survival mode options for either of them. Here’s a Shi No Numa map guide for tackling the Abomination boss fight that appears after taking on a Raid set of waves.

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Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Abomination Guide

Taking on the Abomination
There is some prep work involved in regards to taking on this large scale boss. During the regular Raid you’ll be battling waves of zombies and trying to survive. These zombies really aren’t too difficult, that aside you’ll be earning points while eliminating the undead.

You should work on getting some decent weapons, a long distance fast firing weapon will be helpful and getting a Ray Gun from the mystery box would also be more than helpful. Whatever the case, you want something long distance and then you want to invest in Buffs. There’s a buff machine across from the first mystery box location. These buffs will increase your abilities, likely want damage and health. That’s the main prep work for this battle. Once the initial waves are done, you’ll be teleported to the boss fight area.

This is a circular arena area, with zombies and of course the large Abomination. Keep in mind that the soft spots are underneath the creature, and its face can provide the best damage at times. That being said, you can create your own weak spots. As you continue to battle rocket launchers (RPG’s) will appear with a large icon on either side of the arena. Grab those and shoot the shell in order to open up more weak locations for you to target. It’s really just about going in a circle, using the RPG whenever you can and following that by firing. If others are there, take turns distracting and blasting this monster.

Depending on the buffs you’ve gathered, and the weapon you’re using that will determine how long this takes. Keep shooting the areas that provide the maximum damage for the weapon you’re using and keep moving. You don’t really need to clear out the zombies, they’re minimal here but don’t be afraid to shoot them if they’re getting in the way. That’s really about it, use situational awareness and keep blasting away to get the hit points.

It’s also worth noting that you can see your damage at the top right in terms of who on the team is doing the most. Remember to work together if you can communicate, but it’s really not hard to tackle this massive creature and then grab you reward afterwards. You can also see it in action with the video below which shows a full match.