Gears 5 Acts & Chapters List

Release Date: September 10, 2019
Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: The Coalition

In Gears 5, the fifth main entry in the franchise there are four acts to the core main campaign. Each act contains a number of chapters to playthrough. The first act contains four chapters, the second one also contains four chapters. The third chapters contains four chapters as well with the final act containing two chapters within it. Each chapter is packed with a lengthy quantity of gameplay, acting as checkpoints or starting points depending on if you’re continuing or starting from a certain point within the game’s story. The story follows Kait as she works once again with Del and JD Fenix among other older Gears to battle the Swarm Horde while discovering her history.

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Review Score: 9.2/10
Install Size: 57.72 GB
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All Gears 5 Acts and Chapters
Act 1
Chapter 1: Shot in the Dark
-Delta Squad returns to the remains of Azura in search of an old Hammer of Dawn prototype.

Chapter 2: Diplomacy
-Returning to New Ephrya, Delta Squad must face the consequences of their rogue mission to Azura

Chapter 3: This is War
-A distress call from Clayton Carmine at Settlement 2 sends Delta Squad on a rescue mission

Chapter 4: The Tide Turns
-Delta Squad is split up when the appearance of a new enemy turns the DeeBee army against them.

Act 2
Chapter 1: Recruitment Drive
-Months after the fall of Settlement 2, Kait and Del attempt to convince a village of Outsiders to join the fight.

Chapter 2: Into the Wild
-Kait and Del ride into the mountains of northern Tyrus in search of a hidden research facility.

Chapter 3: Forest For the Frees
-Searching for clues about her connection to the Swarm, Kait and Del enter the New Hope facility.

Chapter 4: The Source of It All
-Kait and Del head to comm. Towers to hunt down the source of a radio transmission from Mount Kadar

Chapter 5: Dirtier Little Secrets
-Kait and Del head below the ice in search of a hidden research facility at the base of Mount Kadar

Act 3
Chapter 1: Fighting Chance
-Baird brings Kait and Del to the buried ruins of Vasgar in order to meet with an old friend.

Chapter 2: Rocket Plan
-Reunited, Delta Squad enters the rocket hangar to hunt for the remnants of UIR Hammer of Dawn satellites.

Chapter 3: Some Assembly Required
-With the rocket train secured, Delta Squad sets out to retrieve targeting beacons for the Hammer of Dawn

Chapter 4: One Small Step
-As the UIR rocket prepares to launch, Delta Squad makes a desperate escape.

Act 5
Chapter 1: Homefront
-With the Hammer of Dawn back online, Delta Squad deploys on an urgent mission.

Chapter 2: The Fall
-The COG forces fight for their lives to defend New Ephyra from the massive Swarm onslaught.