Gears 5 x AAPE Customization Pack

Release Date: September 6, 2019
Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: The Coalition

Gears 5 is the fifth main entry in the franchise that continues the adventures of younger generation. Kait, JD and Del deal with the emerging Swarm threat while working with the new COG. Things are dark as monsters awaken from below once again, and the planet continues to fall apart. Battle together in coop, whether that’s in the campaign or during Horde. Battle online in gripping and expanded multiplayer experiences. This page contains details on one of the DLC items that's available in the game to expand the content of the core experience.

Gears 5 x AAPE Customization Pack Box Art

Review Score: X/10
Install Size: 57.72 GB
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The Gears 5 x AAPE Customization Pack includes the Kait Diaz character skin featuring the AAPE x Gears blue camo hoodie design, AAPE Black Camo Weapon set and other cosmetics including the Moonface Bloodspray, Moonface Mark, and the AAPE Blue Camo Banner.

This package is available to all that purchase this standalone option within the game’s store area

This package includes a capture of the signature real-life clothing line that’s also being released alongside the game. This should emulate that style, but within the actual Gears universe, a brand new type of brand experience in-game.

Download from the Xbox Store Here

Gears 5 x AAPE Customization Pack